Little Toadstool Gnome

I have been working on a new needle felting project. She is a little Toadstool Gnome.

She kind of came about through accident… She was going to be a little girl to go with K’s Mother and Baby that she got for Christmas but I had trouble with her hair so decided to try a hat. K wanted a red hat that didn’t look quite right so I added white polka dots… voila… Toadstool Gnome. She has sparked a whole thread of creativity. I am working on her sister and brother. All with little toadstool hats and pink blushing cheeks. I have ‘craft night’ tonight and am looking forward to finishing them. I’ll post photo’s when I am finished.
A conversation with K. We were talking about one of her friends at school is is VERY shy.
“Mommy, why is R shy, she knows Me?”
“Some people just take a long time to get comfortable”
“When someone is shy, we must try to make them feel comfortable, maybe that will help.”
“I know, Mommy (great idea voice), when it’s R’s birthday, lets get her some soft pillows.”
“OK?” (took me several minutes to put comfortable and pillows together.) Sweet child!
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  1. What a lovely, “happy accident!” She’s just adorable!

  2. Lovely little gnome. And adorable conversation with K. Aren’t kids minds wonderful?

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