Easy Easter Egg Dyeing

With the arrival of Spring last week, we celebrated with a little BBQ with friends on Sunday. Our hard boiled eggs needed a bit of dressing up to get in a festive mood.

To color the shells blue, we used some blue food coloring.

To make the white lines in the blue, we wrapped some rubber bands around our eggs before we cooked them.

Popped them in the blue boiling water for 10 minutes until they were hard boiled (Kitty’s banana chocolate chip breakfast pancake cooking in the front here, yum yum! See what a multitasker I am :-)

We served these pretty blue eggs to our friends. They got all eaten up!

Happy Easter crafting,
Blessings and magic,

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  1. Oh beautiful! I will have to try this with my kiddos! Always looking for a way to add some everyday creativity…I love simple ideas like this…:)

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