Autumn in the Mountains

We woke up to a cool Fall morning and thought, ‘What a perfect day for the mountains!’ We bundled up warmly and set off.

Oh my… isn’t Fall lovely! The oak leaves were yellow, the air was fresh and crisp and the mountain mist made everything look so wonderfully enchanting.


Of course, I couldn’t resist picking up this year’s last acorns caps.





We feel refreshed by Natures beauty and ready to jump back into the busy season that lies ahead. I think we all need to set our ‘to do’s’ aside every now and then and go to a place where we can breathe in the clean air and feel truly free.

On another note… I’ve announced the winner of the Magic Craft Box I’m Giveaway. Congrats Monica B… I know you and your kids will have a wonderful time making magic!

For those of you who missed out on the Giveaway but really want to enjoy these gorgeous crafts with you kids, you can purchase you Magic Craft Box by clicking the orange button below.

Blessings and magic,


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  1. Beautiful. The trees in England are like this now. I caught some falling leaves for luck. Did you?

    • Yes, Mom, we did :-)
      We stood under a tree that had hand-sized leaves and so we are going to have a lot of luck now!

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