Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Magic Friends!

Look whose coming to our Easter party… it’s Baby BunBuns! Although he lives free in the back yard, he does spend a lot of his time in the house. He has a favorite spot where he reclines happily on the rug and watches the bustle go on around him. He continues to be our beloved Easter Gift.

He came to us, unexpectedly, last Easter… and when I say ‘unexpected’, I mean even for us grownups :-) Here’s our Easter Story from last year where he is the featuring star…

A Baby Bunny

And, if you want to see him nursing with his feet up in the air, have a look here : A Bunny Update


 Happy Easter,

Blessings and magic,


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  1. O’ my what a wonderful story…I went back and read the nursing story and pinned those cute baby bunny pictures. We tried to have an indoor bunny but my daughter is allergic…so we have two wonderful indoor kitties to entertain us. Our dear bunny is in a cage outside, sad face! Thanks for sharing!

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