Fairy Garden Feature :: 2013 :: Eleven

There are SO MANY beautiful gardens entered into the Fairy Garden Contest… how will we ever choose a winner?

Here is a Fairy Garden recently entered. Just look at the darling little popsicle stick hut… adorned with little purple flowers and golden glitter! There are flowers, banners and happy little toadstools… butterflies, hanging flowerpots and even a wise old owl. But, what I find most charming of all, is the last photo of a little girl playing in her magical place… can you just imagine the sense of wonder she will always hold in her heart?  Now that’s pure MAGIC!

 Only 2 days left to enter the magical Fairy Garden Contest!

Enter the Fairy Garden Contest here (and check out all the other magical gardens already entered).

For more Fairy Garden inspiration, please click HERE or visit the ‘Fairy Garden’s’ tab above on the navigation bar.

Here’s a link to purchase the cutest Fairy Garden Kit.

And, here’s my Pinterest Fairy Garden Page… follow it to see all the cute Fairy Gardens I find.

Click here to see the amazing PRIZES you and your little ones can win…

Fairy Garden Contest :: The Magic Onions :: www.theMagicOnions.com

Sparkle on, Fairy Gardeners.

Blessings and magic,


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  1. Donni, thank you so much for featuring our garden!

  2. Donni, I guess the roof is made by using the sticks (we usually find such sticks with ice-cream during summer season here… ). It looks brilliant and I really appreciate the creativity skills behind the scene. I agree with you, the last photos is the most charming. It is so sweet to see she is playing with the garden, isn’t it? No wonder of calling this setup as “Magic”.

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