Horseback Riding in the Grand Tetons

We went horseback riding in the Grand Tetons, WY. It was pretty, beyond words. We rode through Aspen forests, Sage brush, Lupine meadows. We crossed rocky rivers. The sky above was blue and immense. And the whole time, the majestic Tetons loomed above us. Wild nature filled us and cleansed our souls and made us whole. Our eyes sparkled with excitement… and love. Out in those wild places, our little family bonded together, through freedom, to become one.

There is such magic in nature.

Here are a few photos to share… can you see how happy we are?

Granny, Teddy, Kate, Me and Our Good Man…

Blessing and magic,


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  1. what a wonderful trip! it’s true. something about being in the presence of those mountains is truly awe-inspiring. puts everything into perspective. thank you for sharing your beautiful pics!

  2. Magical, it’s beautiful out there. Your children have grown so fast. We travelled through there a couple of years ago, pretty. Don’t you love all those dandelions.

  3. This looks like so much fun. And your children are wonderful riders – look at those straight backs!

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