Make Gnome Homes in the Woods

When you are out in nature, it’s always a fun activity to take a moment to make a gnome home. Let the kids forage for gnome-ly things… a little stump table, stone stools, a bark house. Decorate with berries and flowers. You’ll be amazed at how much fun it is… for the kids AND for you! And, imagine the delight an unsuspecting passerby will have when they come across your enchanting scene.

Here are a few gnome homes we’ve left behind in the woods…

Gnome Feast with a mushroom table, chairs and lots of yummy goodies for gnomes to eat. CLICK HERE to see more.

Here is a magic fairy circle with a feast for whomever happens upon it. CLICK HERE to see more.

Oh gosh… these gnomes seem to eat a lot! Here is another gnome feats. CLICK HERE to see more.

Here is Kitty (look how young she looks!), very proud of the little stick house she has made for a lucky, unsuspecting, gnome. CLICK HERE to see more.

Enjoy nature!

Blessings and magic,


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  1. wow, I love this post, I make a lot of fairy houses myself and it was great to see all yours, I clicked on a few to read more too!

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