Pine Cone and Felt Gnome Christmas Ornament

There is a special kind of magic that radiates from a handmade felt Christmas Ornament… it is like the effort and love that went into making it is shining forth from it’s own heart.

Making ornaments has become a Christmas tradition in our home and I treasure the time I spend with my children as we create together. When I was 21, I spent a Christmas in an Austrian home. They had such a beautiful Christmas tree, decorated from top to bottom with handmade ornaments. There was an ornament I remember on that tree that was even more beautiful than all the rest. It was a pine cone gnome… quite the sweetest thing I had ever seen. My children and I have made one just as I remember it and each time I look at him, memories of that wintery white Christmas in Austria come flooding back.

Pine Cone Gnome Christmas Ornament

Pine Cone Gnome Christmas Ornament :

Materials and Tools required to make our Pine Cone Gnome Ornament

  • A small pine cone for his body (foraged from nature)
  • One white,  1- inch, felt ball for his head (found at craft stores or on A 1- inch wooden ball will work just as well)
  • One red, half-an-inch, felt ball for his pom pom on his hat
  • Two white, half-an-inch, felt balls for his hands
  • A piece of green wool felt for his hat and scarf (found at craft stores or on or you can use a felted sweater)
  • Green thread and a needle
  • A tiny button for his scarf (found at craft stores)
  • Glue (a hot glue gun works the best but any glue will work with a little added patience)

Pine Cone Gnome Christmas Ornament :

We will make the sweet little hat first. Cut the green wool felt into a triangle. Each side of the triangle should be about 3 inches long.

With your needle and thread, sew two sides of the triangle together. When the two sides are sewn together, flip the little hat inside-out to hide the thread.

Pine Cone Gnome Christmas Ornament :

To finish off his hat, take the red felt ball that will become his pom pom. Before we stick it onto the green felt hat, we want to make a thread loop from it so that our little gnome can hang on the tree.  With your needle and thread, pass the thread up through the center of the red ball and again down through the center, knotting it where the two loose ends of thread meet and leaving a hanging loop at the top. Add a bit of glue to the bottom end of the red pom pom and stick it onto his green hat.

Add a bit of glue to the inside of his green felt hat and stick it onto the larger 1-inch white felt ball that is his head.

Use your glue to stick the head onto the base of the pine cone. Your gnome has a body!

Pine Cone Gnome Christmas Ornament :

He needs a scarf. Cut a narrow length in the shape of a scarf from the scraps of the green wool felt left over from his hat, about 5 inches long, and drape it cozily around his neck. Dab a little glue in the spot where the two ends of the scarf cross over at the front of your gnome (or you can sew it together)

My son Teddy held it tightly in place while the glue dried.

Pine Cone Gnome Christmas Ornament :

We glued the tiny button right in the middle of the scarf. Then, we glued the two small white felt balls on the sides of the pine cone for his hands and there he is… the cutest little Austrian pine cone gnome for your Christmas tree. He is sure to delight!

Pine Cone Gnome Christmas Ornament :

If you know you might have trouble finding the materials you need to make this little pine cone gnome, you can purchase the kit (complete with everything you’ll need) from my shop here –> Christmas Ornament Kits

Blessings and magic,


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  1. I can see a few of these cuties on our tree this year! Thanks for the tutorial!
    Happy Holidays!
    ~ joey ~

  2. I just love this pinecone and felt gnome! It will make a perfect addition to my tree…
    I have featured this project on my blog with a link back to you… please come and check it out :)
    Happy holidays!

    • Thanks, Alison… little gnome is super excited to be included in your Holiday crafting list… thank you!!
      Blessings and magic,

  3. He’s beautiful but I’m very glad I come to LA to visit and not Austria.

  4. Maureen Lacey Hawks says:

    Great directions!! Such cute little gnomes, cant’t wait to make some!!

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