Make a Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament :: Needle Felting Tutorial

Needle Felted Gingerbread Man Ornament :

We have the most beautiful 7ft Noble Pine Christmas tree in our living room. It’s mostly bare at the moment as we add handmade ornaments to it as we make them. But, it is filling up fast with all of the Christmas crafting we are doing. Today, Kitty and I made needle felted gingerbread menIf you want to read more…click here

Felted Geode Tutorial :: Felting Fun for Kids

Needle Felted Goede Tutorial :

Making a felted geode is a fun and easy beginner felting project for children. We love wet felting in our home, especially on a winters day when we are stuck inside. We put a towel on the floor and set a bowl of warm soapy water on the towel, roll up our selves and enjoyIf you want to read more…click here