Happy Summer Days

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Oh, happy summer days :: there’s nothing better! Sunshine, flowers, mending, crafting, carrot juicing and… making milk bubble with straws because, well, why not?   The kids thought that making milky bubbles (by blowing into a bowl of milk with a straw) and then eating the bubbles was the greatest thing ever. Sometimes the simplestIf you want to read more…click here

The Gift of Unscheduled Time

The Gift Of Unscheduled Time : The Maigc Onions.com

It is amazing what happens when we allow our children regular, free and unscheduled time… time to ‘just be’. We live in an over-scheduled era and we have a tendency to over-schedule our children’s lives too… soccer, scouts, art classes, piano lessons, playdates and… the list goes on forever. We mean well, of course. WeIf you want to read more…click here