Our Lovely Day

Yesterday was a beautiful hot sunny southern California day. We gardened, we walked barefoot in the grass, we watched our squirrel, Timone, gather bits and pieces (including wool from our wool tree – you can see his wool stash in the left on the fence) for his nest and then stop for a bite to eat.

Grampa and Timone have become fast friends. Timone has taken to having his afternoon nap in the Brazilian Pepper Tree at the end of the garden, just outside Grampa’s window. Grampa, being a doctor, has informed us that Timone is a SHE and that he thinks she has babies in her belly! I can’t even express the joy we would experience, seeing Timone and her little squirrel babies bounding along our fence!

We painted under the very last of the Jasmine.

And, now for the BIG news… Grampa, is having such a fun time getting to know his grandchildren (and new friend the squirrel) that he has changed his air ticket to return next week! K is his shadow, following him around like a lamb and T calls him, Bodeee (we think it comes from ‘somebody’) making us all smile with cuteness.
We feel so lucky to have had such a beautiful day… thank you sun, thank you Timone, thank you jasmine and thank you Grampa.


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13 Responses

  1. oh, that is just so lovely. I love how the squirrel let grandpa feeds him. Oh, I’d love to see baby squirrel.

    I use to feel squirrels all the time when I was young. Sometimes, the bold ones will even climb on people if they have yummy treats.

    I love jasmine flowers… just too lovey. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh, I do hope Timone has some little squirrel babies for you. How wonderful would that be?! Almost as wonderful as Grandpa staying an extra bit longer. ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. The squirrel is so cute. Is it a pet or is a wild squirrel that hangs out in your back yard? We don’t have them in Australia.
    How many baby does a squirrel have?

  4. What a lovely day! And how wonderful to have Granpa with you! Thanks for sharing the beauty of your day!

    I can’t wait to see Goose’s face when she sees her new faerie friends in her Easter basket! Thanks again!

  5. There were two huge oak trees in our garden that were home to many squirrels because of the abundance of food. One year there was a pure white one amoung the new arrivals. It was beautiful. Wouldn’t it be fun if Timone had an albino.

  6. Oh how nice to have a pregnant squirrel. We have a huge nest in our oak tree, we must look at our squirrel friends a little more closely. That is so nice that Grampa is staying longer, really that is wonderful.

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