Pet Rocks.

Grampa helped us make ‘pet rocks’. I remember having a ‘pet rock’ when I was little. I think I loved him dearly for a while and took him everywhere. At first K was very skeptical as to how a rock could become a pet… but as the process became clearer to her, she set about making her ‘pet’ with great excitement. Just as we began our project, a huge, beautiful ladybird landed on K’s hand. Both her and T were charmed and K knew then what form her ‘pet rock’ would take. 

T, on the other hand, didn’t think much of our ‘pet rock’ idea. He was far more interested in throwing his rock around… the boy will turn anything into a ball, much to the admonishment of his mother and the delight of his grandfather!
A ‘pet rock’ is a fun and easy project.
This is what you need; nice round rocks, acrylic paint, paint brushes, a plastic lid, eyes and glue (optional as you can paint eyes)

1) wash and dry your rocks if they have dirt on them.
2) admire how beautiful your clean rocks are!

3) paint your rocks into ‘pet rocks’.

Your imagination is your limit… they can be an animal, insect, person, even a crazy doodle thingie with eyes! These are Grampa’s… aren’t they a hoot! How could you not LUV these happy pets?
K made ladybirds (a mommy and a daddy… hopefully they will make babies to eat the aphids on my roses!) and I made toadstools (my toadstool fetish surfacing yet again!)

K kind of thinks the ones with eyes are alive… but she is not too sure. At first she wanted them to sleep with her in her room but, after about 10 minutes, decided she had changed her mind and they were relegated to sleeping outside… I can’t help but smile lovingly at her inner turmoil… she tries SO hard to be brave but her self-preservation usually wins out… who’s to say that ‘pet rocks’ don’t bite in the night???


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16 Responses

  1. Cute! My oldest came home with one from school last week. I like that you guys decorated yours to look like ladybugs. :) I don’t remember ever having a pet rock, but I do remember that after our house was built and there were some leftover construction pieces laying around, my sister found a brick and tied a string to it. She drug that pet brick around everywhere with her for awhile.. lol.

  2. Those are really cute! I remember we had a stuffed elephant that we had to keep facing the wall when my daughter was three-she was so freaked out by the eyes, she thought the elephant was really looking at her!

  3. I mentioned them to my son a while back. I told him you could teach them tricks. Like “sit”. “Roll over”. “Stay.”
    He was pretty suspicious of me, I think. ;)

    We haven’t made them yet.

  4. Oh D, please don’t think I copyed your idea! Good grief, I totally forgot you made these!!!! I will add a link to you in my post!

    Lisa :)

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