An Eye-Spy Jar.

Have you ever made an Eye-spy Jar? 

It’s great fun and a fabulous thing for your little ones to take with them in the car. It’ll keep them occupied for ages!

You need a glass or clear plastic jar, rice and various TINY treasures.

These are what we found at first… we have been adding to our Eye-spy Jar all day… the more little items you have, the merrier.
Put the rice and treasures in the jar, making sure to leave an inch or so of space between the top of the rice and the lid as you want the rice to be able to move freely inside the jar.
As your little one (to be honest, I hogged it for quite some time today too… it’s rather addictive!) turns the jar, the rice falls over itself in the jar, revealing and then covering your treasures. 
I play Eye-spy Jar with K in the car. As I know what’s inside the jar, I say… ‘Find me an acorn hat.’ She LOVES it!
The coins are the hardest to find, so be sure to add a couple. They hide out in the middle of the rice and it is a Great Achievement to spot one!
Blessings and Magic!


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25 Responses

  1. Perfect timing! We head out on a 2 week road trip soon. We also have loads of little bits and bobs that I don’t know what to do with (we’re also moving), so this is the perfect way to preserve them. Thanks!

  2. I have a jar put aside for just this purpose and you’ve inspired me to get on and make it! Interesting about the coins. Definitely a good idea for a long car journey :)

  3. Poor children strapped into car seats these days. They definitely need things to occupy them and your I-Spy Jar is a great idea. I used to make my grandchild take off her shoes and walk in sand before a car trip. She spent the whole journey home removing the sand from between her toes. Peace!

  4. This is such a great idea! We did it with very dry sea sand (the theme was pirates!) … and the cub scouts loved it. You have a wonderful blog.
    Akela Joy

  5. Just made this for my littlest one, though she is getting a run for her money from the bigger kids as well! What fun to collect all the treasures, and even more to try to find them again in the rice. Great idea!

  6. We made these last summer at the library (I’m a children’s librarian) and used plastic peanut butter/sun butter jars so they wouldn’t accidentally break. Also, all the kids got to put in letter beads to spell their first name – they love hunting for the letters in order!
    Instead of throwing all the little plastic trinkets we get for various holidays, I’m thinking of making themed ones as well – one for Halloween, one for Christmas/Winter, etc.

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