Making Peg People.

K and I were browsing through Etsy today. She loves to look at all the beautiful treasures with me and when we came across this little family, she exclaimed that it was quite the most wonderful thing she had ever seen.

She wished with all her heart that I could buy it for her. To my surprise (she is usually very persistent when she falls in love with something) she jumped at my idea that we make our own.

Luckily, I had all that was needed on hand.
Paint and peg people. I used a little playdough from the fridge to hold the pegs while we painted them… a little trick of mine.

We got to work, painting, while Mr T played with the left-over playdough.

K worked very hard on her two, painting their hair, faces and pretty dresses. I enjoyed painting my two also. I painted a little girl and a little boy.

Then K asked if we could make them a house. We found an old cardboard box and decided to paint them a woodland to play in instead, complete with lovely green trees and a blue sky.

Then poor K had to wait for the paint to dry before playing with her new treasures. This waiting she found very difficult and, alas, crocodile tears were shed that paint didn’t dry faster.

At last, her newly made woodland was dry and ready to play with. She declared them to be her favourite toys in the whole wide world!

She has played with them all afternoon and poor T has been admonished severely for trying to touch her ‘very specialist things’.
I love teaching her that she really can make precious things for herself. I am very impressed with how her two little people turned out… they were not easy to paint. But what I am even happier about is seeing that she values hers as much as she values mine and that family from Etsy. I was afraid that she would be put off by hers not turning out perfectly, but she is not. She feels a real sense of achievement at having made her own toy and I am delighted that she values her creations. Well done, K, my precious little Kitten who is growing up so fast. May your homemade pegland bring you many hours of wonderful play.
Blessings and magic.


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18 Responses

  1. I think that your peg people are gorgeous! I am so excited to see that you have joined the Natural Kids Team, your needle felting is so stunning…



  2. It’s always better to make your own toys, isn’t it? Ks dolls and woodland are lovely! That face with tears is so precious!! It is hard to wait for paint to dry!!

  3. that is just so cute! i love that you helped a child do what many adults, even, cannot do; make their ideas/dreams/wishes come to fruition themselves, rather then buying or being given what we want!

    not to mention how cute the peg people are!

  4. What a great life experience for K – you can have what you want, by making it with your own materials, and patience will help you get there. Of course, had you ordered it from Etsy, she would have had to wait much longer for it to arrive in order to play with it! This way, she had to wait just a little bit, but could play with it in the same day! And to boot, the two of you had creative moments together, and the little people really are out of her imagination, not someone else’s (and yours, of course). Bravo!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post! It was inspiring. Its so wonderful to have a dream or a desire and then be able to make it come true! Especially when your are a little person. It seems so magical! : ) That any thing is really possible.

  6. These are just darling. I’m sure they are even more special with going through the process of crating them yourselves rather than buying them elsewhere.

    A good lesson taught there, Mama. ;)

  7. Great peg people – they can be really tricky but it looks like it was a big success at your house! A woodland for them to play in is a lovely idea too, I bet they will be treasured :o)

  8. Hi there…. very cute peg people! I love to make peg people with my little girl but have never seen the sort of peg you used, they are beautiful. Could you tell me where you get them from?


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