All you need to make a swing for your Fairy Garden are…
Pliers, thin, bendable wire and some sticks and stones.

Cut a long piece of wire and select a long, flat stone. We used a small sea brick that we collected on the beach, rubbed smooth by waves and time.
Bend the wire in half. Your stone swing seat will be attached in the middle of the bend. Wind the wire around one side of the stone and then the other with the strand of connecting wire running along the underside of the swing seat. Bend the wire around the sides of the seat and attach the tops to your Fairy Tree branch.

If your Fairy Garden doesn’t have a tree, use sticks and the wire to make a frame for your swing to connect onto.

Here is The Clean Plate Club’s delightful entry into The Magical Fairy or Gnome Garden Challenge and Giveaway. Have a look at their awesome swing.

A very sweet addition to your Fairy Garden.
Look here for more on our Fairy Garden Series and here for more info on The Magical Fairy or Gnome Garden Challenge and Giveaway.

Blessings and magic.


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6 Responses

  1. The swing is so cute. I will ahve to show the girls. :) I’ve finally added some close ups of their special touches on the fairy houses. They have their fingers crossed about your giveaway but what they find most awesome is that your girls are getting to choose their favorites. We discuss in great length what we love about each contribution you lead us to or that we stumble upon. It’s quite an event here. :) Even our Grandma wants us to build her one for her garden in Alabama. Cheers

  2. so cool and i happen to have the perfect stuff for it!!!i have these plastic fairys that would be great for the swing you can get them at any imaginative station i had been having trouble figuring it out i was doing it with wood and thread but unfourtanutly it did not even out so i searched up on google and of course i just found my fairy swing!!!! thank you you have great fairy swings.

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