I have not suggested we make fairies for K’s Fairy Garden. I wanted her to imagine ‘real’ fairies in it. I wanted her to see, in her minds eye, a little gossamer-clad nymph swinging from her swing. I wanted her to picture a chubby little gnome digging merrily in the moss. This she has done to my hearts content.
Today she asked that we make fairies for her to play with in her garden. I thought it was time.
We collected a few dried bougainvillea flowers from our neighbors yard.
Found our pegs (bought at Michael’s a while back), glue, a little dish, paint brushes, yarn and a marker.

We poured some glue into the little dish.
Cut the bougainvillea flowers to make a straight edge.
We painted the pegs with glue where we wanted our bougainvillea dresses to stick and stuck our pretty pink bougainvillea petals into place.
We painted over them with the glue to seal them into place.

We left them in the sun to dry.
We then arranged our yarn ‘hair’.Snipped it to the right length and stuck it onto our fairies heads. I used my glue gun for this as K was ‘done’ waiting for glue to dry!
I tied the little girl’s hair into two ponytails with another piece of yarn and gave her two eyes using the permanent marker.
K decided the Mom Fairie’s hair was so very beautiful left long.
She has been playing with her two new friends all afternoon. They are not, however, allowed to sleep in the fairy garden… oh no, they are lined up on K’s bedside table, just incase she wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to play!
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Blessings and magic.


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