Mr T insisted on bringing home a bucket of sand from the beach. Unlike me, he loves sand so much and can play with it for hours. He really doesn’t mind if it gets in his hair, his clothes, his bed!
So, to enthuse with this love, we decided to make colored sand.

This is what we needed;
a bucket of sand
a sieve
6 large Ziploc bags
6 colors of foodcoloring
paper towels

all the ingredients we needed for making colored sand

We made little bowls from the Ziplock bags like this…
ziploc bowls for making colored sand
We set our sieve in the Ziploc bowl and filled it with sand.
making colored sand
As the sand was from the beach, it was full of small shells that we wanted to separate from the sand. T loves to sift stuff. He took this job very seriously and meticulously sifted all the shells from the clean sand.
sifting sea sand
We arranged the sand-filled bags on the grass as the next step is to add the food coloring. We wanted to make sure that a mistake did not mean a permanently colored patio!
Granny helped Mr T wet the sand with water from a jug.
how to make colorful sandWe added enough water to make the sand soggy. Too much water will make it hard for the sand to absorb the food coloring.
K joined us for the fun task of adding color to our soggy sand. We added food coloring liberally.
adding food coloring to color sand
Then we zipped up the bags and massaged the color into the sand. K loved the tactile nature of massaging the sand through the bag. It was cool and squishy and made a wonderful scrunching noise if you listened carefully.
using food coloring to color sand
We added different colors to our bags of sand and then laid them flat for 30 minutes to let the sand absorb the color.
colorful sand
Then we turned each bag out onto a couple of sheets of strong paper towels to dry in the sand.
drying colored sand
It dried in a day. Tomorrow we are going to use our colored sand to make something fun… stay tuned!
our beautiful colored sandBlessings and magic.


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10 Responses

  1. Can’t see what you make with it!
    We’ve used our colored sand twice, would love to have another idea!
    When we made ours a couple of weeks ago for our sand paintings, we didn’t wet them, we just put in food coloring and mixed it. We also used liquid water colors for one of them, and that worked, too.

  2. With the beach just down the road, I cannot wait to do this with Dylan! You know, it just didn’t come to me that we could dye sand all on our own. The sand from our beach is really white, and will probably really grab that color!

    We can make all sorts of neat crafts with this!

    Thanks so much!!

  3. I wished I had read this post before we made our colored sand. It would have turned out better with the ziplock bags. I love the sand art you made as well and the zen garden. I love the storytelling. In fact, I love everything about this blog.

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