K decided that she needed a table and chair, fairy size, for her new Fairy Garden. Magical Mommy was on the job.
We needed;
A few pebbles of different shapes and sizes (from Home Depot),
A glue gun.
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Our pebbles in the above photo are wet as we keep a stash in our fountain. K fished the ‘right looking’ ones out and dried them.

First, we made the table. A round pebble was chosen for the table top and two smaller pebbles for the table legs.

I dabbed two spots of glue from my glue gun for the legs…
And stuck the small ‘leg’ pebbles into place, and…
Voila! The sweetest looking stone table a fairy will ever see!

It needed a matching chair. K lined up all the pebbles from biggest to smallest so that we could choose stones of similar shapes and sizes.

A round pebble was chosen for the seat of the chair, a rectangular pebble for the back of the chair and 4 small pebbles for the legs of the chair.

I dabbed 4 glue spots from my glue gun onto the round ‘seat’ pebble.
The 4 ‘leg’ pebbles were stuck into place.
Another dab of glue from the glue gun and the back of the chair was stuck into place… a perfect little stone chair!
There they sit in the Fairy Garden, waiting for a fairy to come to tea.

I hope they’ve inspired you to make your own Fairy Garden with your little ones. Be sure to check out our Fairy Garden tab in the navigation bar to see many more awesome Fairy Gardens.

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24 Responses

  1. Very cute!! We also LOVE your fairy garden! We have been planning to create one since we went to Disney in May and saw the fairy garden at Epcot. Now we know how to make a table and chair for our fairies! Thanks!!! ;-)

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  3. How precious! I think we might start our very first Fairy Garden, but I’m not sure where to start. I think we’d make one in a pot. Anyway, I’ll look around your site! I’m hoping you have a Beginner’s 101 part on your site. :-)

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