The lucky fairy who comes to live in our Fairy Garden. K decided that no Fairy Garden is complete with out a beautiful fairy bed to sleep in. So, to add to the fairy furniture we have already made, we made a fairy bed in the hopes that a fairy will choose our garden as her home.
This is what we used to make it,
My glue gun, my garden scissors, a twig branch and a flat piece of bark.

How to make a fairy bedFirst, we cut 4 legs for our bed with our garden scissors.
cutting the legs for the fairy bedWe made sure they were about the same height.
With my glue gun, I stuck them into place on the underside of the bark.
K gave it a magical kiss of approval.
But she thought it needed some embellishment to attract just the right sort of fairy. We raided my bead supply and found just the right sort of beads. They were stuck into place…
Magical beads to embellish our fairy bedA flower was found for a comfy (and pretty) pillow and a rose petal was picked for a blanket.
No fairy garden is complete with out an enchanting fairy bedShe’s hoping that the bed is so comfy and cozy that the fairy will oversleep in the morning and K will wake up in time to see her. Oh, how I hope this happens!
Enchanting Fairy Garden Furniture

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Join me next week for more in the Fairy Garden Series.
Blessings and magic.


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15 Responses

  1. Oh, Magic Onions! The fairy bed is absolutely precious. I love it! I especially love K’s kiss of approval. She is so sweet.

    Thank you for teaching me how to index with pictures on the edge. acornpies

  2. very adorable decors . children will enjoy this . i wonder were i can put this . maybe in the patio table besides my wind spinner additional attraction on my patio garden . thanks for sharing this very much appreciated . hope to hear more from this site .

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