How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin Wreath.

Today we made a wreath for our door… a pumpkin wreath for Halloween!

Halloween wreath made out of baby pumpkinsDon’t you just love the little pumpkins and gourds that are in the shops these days… they are so adorable! We used 8 baby pumpkins for our wreath.

We also needed wire, wire cutters, a skewer and a hammer.

the supplies we needed to make our pumpkin wreathI cut off about a meter of wire. K and I filed the ends with sandpaper so that their pointy ends couldn’t cut our poke us.
We used the skewer to make a hole through the middle of the pumpkins. We thought that we would need the hammer to hit the skewer through the pumpkins but ours went through so easily that we didn’t need the hammer after all. I was surprised that even K could skewer a pumpkin!
skewering the pumpkins for the halloween wreath
Then K and T threaded the wire through the holes. They took turns… K’s turn and then T’s turn. It was a good lesson in working together for T. He is going through the ‘everything is MINE!’ phase.
Stringing the pumpkins onto the halloween wreath
All 8 pumpkins threaded by eager little fingers…
A pumpkin Halloween wreath
I scooted them along the wire so that they were tightly strung together and then twisted the wire ends to fasten the wreath into a circle. I made a little wire loop for hanging and…
Halloween wreath made out of pumpkins
Our Halloween wreath was complete, or almost…
K decided a little green bow for style would finish it off nicely!
Our pumpkin Halloween door wreath
It looks very pretty on our door. I have no idea how long it’ll last. Will it get stinky before the big day? A Good Man says that it’ll NEVER get to Halloween… K thinks he’s wrong! T is undecided.
Blessings and magic.


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17 Responses

  1. Hi Donni

    I do so love the wreath. No we don’t celebrate like you do and we do miss that. I try to do something for my little ones every year but I just know they would love the big celebration you experience. I too think little “Dorothy” is the best and prettiest I have ever seen…

    Have a lovely day Donni
    Warm regards

  2. Such a pretty wreath! Where do you come up with all of these great ideas? I would love to do this, but unfortunately in Arizona with would rot in a day if poked holes into it. I will file this away with the “one day I will move” fantasies.

  3. This is very cute!

    I think how long it lasts will depend on the weather. If it’s still pretty warm there it will likely rot very quickly. (Although I hope it doesn’t.)

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