Finally, Mr T (our Tibetan Wind) was allowed to play in K’s sand painting. He love it, running his finger through the colors and seeing how they mixed together making a new color all together. He twirled the sand, heaped it, flattened it, until it was a rainbow mixture.
When he tired of it, I picked up the glass dish K’s sand rainbow had been in to throw the sand away.
“What are you doing, Mummy?” K asked in horror.
“Why? I’m throwing it away.”
“But MOMMY!! You CANT!! It’s SPECIAL sand!!! It’s MY sand!”
“Ok… well” I managed, clearly at a loss. What on earth was I to do with a dish of murky sand?
Then I remembered something I saw years ago… a little glass candle votive that had been covered in sand. It gave off such a gentle, warm glow. Perhaps we could get just one more sand activity from our colored sand! And with a little fun, maybe I could even turn it into a Halloween craft!!
Our super cute Halloween votive candle
This is what we needed to make our Halloween votive candle…
Two glass candle holders, SPECIAL SAND, sticky tape, scissors, glue, paint brush.

I cut out pumpkins from the sticky tape and stuck them onto the glass votive…
K wanted a Jack-a-lantern, so we cut a scary mouth, triangle nose and triangle eyes from the sticky tape and stuck them into place.
Then we painted the votives with glue.
Rolled them in the sand…

So that they were totally covered…

And set them in the sun to dry.
Then, when the sand had completely dried, we carefully peeled the sticky tape from the glass. It was a little hard to see where the sticky tape was and, in the future, I’ll use colored tape instead of clear tape to make this easier. Wonderful clear glass pumpkins and Jack-a-lanterns glowed in the morning sun!

The kids couldn’t wait for the sun to set. We lit our votive candles and watched their warm glow flicker happily.
Happy Halloween !
Be sure to come back on Friday’s to participate in Friday’s Nature Table, our nature collective where we share our nature-inspired posts.
Blessings and magic.


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15 Responses

  1. Love it! This craft would work well for all seasons! Maybe I will store it away for a summer project. In Arizona I often have some issues staying enthusiastic about summer…. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for showing me how to make a votive candle with sand! I will do that with my son next summer at the beach. You are very creative and resourceful, Kelly!

  3. One of the things that really caught my attention on your blog was how simple, yet beautiful, the ideas are. I’ve found so many “do-able” projects. Thank you for sharing them!

  4. This is a brilliant activity. I love how you got so much from such simple things that everyone nearly everywhere has access to. Three projects from sand, food coloring, kitchen utensils and glue! Genius.

    With summer holidays coming, this is very inspirational for me and my young girls. (And also good for my Girl Scout troop to try)


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