How to make Beeswax Window Hangings.

We are having so much fun decorating our home this Christmas with natural, handmade treasures. Today we made beeswax window decorations. I adore these! The smoothness of the wax and the warm caramel color is so pleasing to look at. But the thing I love most about beeswax window hangings, is when the winter sun shines through the window and warms the wax… the wax gives off such a wonderful aroma… a natural, outdoorsy, honey smell that’s so lovely!

Lovely beeswax window hangings... all natural Christmas Decorations

To make these lovely Christmas decorations you will need…
Beeswax (found at craft stores or online… try or the lovely farm of one of my readers, Natural Earth Family Farm. They sell organic beeswax… yum!)
small tart moulds
tooth picks
a recycled jar
Supplies needed to make a natural organic window garland
To melt our wax, we made a bain-marie on our stove by boiling a small pot of water and then placing our jar of wax in the boiling water.
The beeswax turns a gorgeous caramel color when melted and smells so lovely.

We then poured our melted wax into our tart moulds. Be careful as melted wax is hot! We always keep a dish of iced water on hand just incase we burn ourselves.
After a few minutes, the wax starts to harden. When it was the consistency of peanut butter, we placed a toothpick in each mould. This would create the hole for the hanging ribbon.
Be sure to place your tooth pick in the right place for hanging.
After a few hours, the wax had hardened. We wiggled the toothpicks out of the wax.
Neat little holes remained.
They looked so pretty as the wax cooled.

When they were fully cooled and hardened, we eased them out of their moulds.
K used a skewer to widen the holes a little.
We tied pretty ribbon through the holes.
And hung our beeswax decorations in the window.
Organic beeswax window Christmas ornaments for the window or tree
Already, our home smells warm and cozy like honey!
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Blessings and magic.


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13 Responses

  1. Thank you for posting this beautiful project. We have been wanting to do this but I have not come
    across the appropriate molds yet. Where did you find yours? I love the idea of hanging them in our
    windows and the scent of beeswax coming into our home on sunny days, even when it is icy cold out.
    Our family sells certified organic beeswax in 1 oz bars that we filter and mold – the beeswax is from an
    apiary just one mile down the road. (
    Warm wishes.

  2. This looks like such fun. I’m going to have to investigate because I love the idea of natural ornaments — especially those that smell so good.

  3. Oh, I love this idea! Thank you for taking such great step-by-step pictures. Hope your cyber Monday went well! I saw one of your items on the front page this past week. Yay!

  4. I have been busy grating beeswax for the past week now in prep of making these for our yule tree. Very clever with the toothpick to make the hole!


  5. Have you tried, by chance, making these with anything additional, such as bits of dried flowers or herbs? I suspect the additions would keep, given the beeswax. I found some beautiful little tins on Etsy, but I also have a Tupperware jello cutter that is very fun, being that several animals are the end result. It’s also great for quick cut cookies, but I digress. I think I may attempt a pour into the tray and use the cutter piece after the beeswax has settled a few minutes. Oh, goodness, this just hollers PROJECT FOR TOMORROW! Good thing I happen to have some beeswax left from making solid lotion bars! ;) Happy Christmas!

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