A Magical Mushroom Hunt.

We went on a mushroom hunt this weekend. We set out in the hopes of finding as many strange and wonderful mushrooms as possible and, boy, we were not disappointed!
This was the first one we spotted. It was just like a fairies shade umbrella and we decided that it must be a local fairy picnic spot. We pictured the fairy family sitting comfortably in the shade of their mushroom umbrella while they ate their nasturtium sandwiches and drank their dewdrop tea.

Mr T got so carried away with his imaginings that he had to search the mushroom more closely for fairy evidence.

Next, we found a gnome village…

Perfect little white gnome muchroom houses. We discussed how gnomes like to live in a community as they like their friends to live next door. K, in particular, thought this was a good idea… that way, she could play with her friends all day, every day!

The next find was a fairy throne. There had obviously been a fairy ball the night before and this comfy white mushroom is where the Fairy Queen sat. It ‘s fairy tradition that the Fairy Queen sits on a raised throne to let her watch all of her pretty fairies dancing the night away. Don’t worry, she dances too, but when she is tired, she rests on her lovely soft mushroom throne.
And now for the find of the day… a goblin lookout platform! It’s very rare to actually see these. Goblins usually leave very little clue that they have been around… this was clearly left by a lazy goblin! Goblins climb onto these platforms to survey the land around them. As we all know, the higher you are, the more you can see. A goblin climbing this platform would be on the lookout for fairy treasure, gnome jewels or elf gold. We do wonder if he got SO excited when he actually found some that he completely forgot to dismantle his platform and hence left it out for us to find?

Isn’t it a most curious looking mushroom?
So, next time you are out on a walk with nature, see what treasures from the fairy realm you can find… I am certain you will be happily surprised!
Blessings and magic.


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9 Responses

  1. I love this post. Silly goblins! What an absurd lookout post!!

    Benjamin and I were studying medieval herbs this afternoon & when I read, “When worn, thyme allows the wearer to see fairies,” he looked a bit as if he doesn’t believe me! We’ll have to give it a try & find out. :)

  2. Tis the season for mushroom hunting. I just posted about our mushroom hunting yesterday but it doesn’t compare to the awesome adventures you had. Your pictures are great.

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