Make a Christmas Candle Holder.

Whenever we walk on the beach, we always come away with an armload of beautiful driftwood. There is always some to be found… little treasures from faraway lands, bleached pale from their long ocean travels. So, what do you do with your armloads of driftwood, you ask? Sometimes we use it to build a magnificent […]

And, the Mamma4Earth Giveaway winners are…

The Mamma4Earth Giveaway has come to an end. The entries have been tallied… those who blogged, Tweeted or Facebooked this giveaway were given their extra chances and… Drum roll, please… The winner of the Mamma4Earth Giveaway, Part 1… Pink Lemonade Kitty, is… Marianna from Cardinal Acre! The winner of the Mamma4Earth Giveaway, Part 2… The […]