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How to make a Cranberry Wreath.

Granny and Grampa are visiting us from South Africa and K follows them around like a lamb… it’s too sweet. When I asked her if she wanted to do a craft, the answer was ‘NO… I want to play with Granny!’
Hummmmm, a craft all for me! I knew immediately what I wanted to make… a wreath! A Cranberry Wreath!
Cranberries are so wonderfully RED and CHRISTMASSY! What better way to welcome in the Christmas Holidays than with a handmade Cranberry Wreath?

Gorgeous red and gold cranberry wreath

This is what I needed to make my wreath…
A wreath
My trusty glue-gun
An old pillow case
I cut the old pillowcase into thick strips.
I glued one end of a fabric strip to the wreath with my glue-gun.
I wound the fabric strip around the wreath.
When the strip came to an end before the whole wreath was wrapped, I glued the end down to the wreath and glued a new strip in place to start wrapping again.
covering my wreath in fabric to make my RED Christmas cranberry wreath
I wrapped the new strip over the glued end of the previous strip to hide any unsightly glue.
When the wreath was fully wrapped in fabric strips, I glued the end of the last strip down on the underside of the wreath.
The wreath looks pretty all in white and can be the base for all sorts of wreath decorating ideas.
I chose cranberries and started sticking each berry onto the fabric covered wreath with my glue-gun.
It took me about 20 minutes to stick all of the cranberries in place… lovely, deliberate, therapeutic work!
I found a thick gold ribbon and tied a bow for hanging. The RED and GOLD look so wonderful together.
Christmas Cranberry wreath hanging from a gold ribbon
Our cranberry wreath hangs on our garden gate and looks gorgeously rich and festive!
If you haven’t already entered our enchanting Giveaway, there is still time… your kids will LOVE you if you win and you might even get your treasures in time for Christmas. The winner will be drawn and announced on Friday evening, 18th Dec… so pop on over to enter!
Happy Holidays and Blessings and Magic!
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  1. What a beautiful wreath!!! Grandparents are such a gift!
    Happy Holidays to All!

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous! love, Beth

  3. So pretty!

  4. How beautiful:)

  5. The wreath and the stars look like really fun ideas! I love your new header. It might not be that new since I usually read in a reader but it’s cute!

  6. This is absolutely beautiful. I love natural wreaths like this. Emma x

  7. That looks like it tastes some patience! Gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful. Cranberries are a great way to do classic Christmas decorations.

  9. Thanks for all the kind comments!

  10. Beautiful! :)

  11. That’s really cute. I’d be bummed about it only lasting one season.

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