Beginning Needle Felting with Kids.

K often sits with me while I am needle felting. We talk and she tells me about her day, watching me as I work away. She gives me ideas, suggests colors and encourages me with sweet praise. It’s a lovely time for us. Every now and then, she says she wants to make something too. She is still too young to work with the sharp needle in a 3D form but ‘flat’ needle felting is fun for her. I remind her to keep her fingers out of the way often, especially when I see her mind wandering and she is happy to have been ‘brought back’ into awareness with her hands.
Today, I helped her to make a little needle felted heart pillow with my roving scraps and a felted sweater. She is very proud of her handwork and has declared it her Valentine for her DAD.
needle felted valentine heart
If you are interested in getting some needle felting supplies, search ‘needle felting supplies’ on Etsy… there are some sweet kits available. Or you can visit Weir Dolls… they’ll have everything you’ll need in their ‘felting’ section.
To make our little hanging heart, we needed
*needle and thread
*wool roving scraps
*a needle felting needle
*a cookie cutter (for child-safe needle felting)

We cut 2 same-size heart shapes from the felted cashmere sweater.

I laid roving on the felted sweater and felted it into the cashmere just a little so that it would hold in place when K had a go.

Using a protective foam board, K needle felted the roving into the hearts. The needle is very sharp and I didn’t want her to hurt herself as this would mean she’d never try needle felting again (once bitten, twice shy for my K). So, I watched her closely, encouraged her gently and reminded her to be aware of her other hand often. She did a good job!
Needle felting inside of a cookie cutter is a great child-safe needle felting technique. We decided to use a flower shaped cookie cutter for the other heart. K placed the cookie cutter where she wanted her flower to be.
We filled the cookie cutter with yellow roving and K began to needle felt the yellow wool into her pink heart.
The cookie cutter protects the child’s hands from the sharp needle while allowing her to needle felt a relatively defined shape.
We kept filling the cookie cutter with the yellow roving so that the whole flower shape was ‘colored in’ nicely.
K finished off her flower by needle felting a small blue ball of wool into the center.
We placed the two hearts together for sewing, front to front…
Then she sewed them together. K’s sewing is really coming along.
We were sure to leave an opening for stuffing…
We turned the sewn heart inside-out so that the needle felted sides were exposed.
K stuffed it with roving scraps.
We sewed up the opening and left a piece of thread for hanging…
She is ever so proud of her new found needle felting skill. She says that she can now help me with my fairies, sweet child! She is my Valentine!
If your haven’t already, pop over to this post to enter to win a BEAUTIFUL felted pin for Valentine’s Day.
Blessings and magic.


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18 Responses

  1. i just started needle felting & love it! But i’ve been hiding it from my 5 year old because I know she’ll want to try! She just gets the finished products. I think the cookie cutter method might be JUST the answer! THANKS!

  2. Good for her! She did a beautiful job on the felting and the sewing. Way to go K!

    I still need to learn more about felting — it looks very cool.

  3. I have lots of sheep and LOVE needle felting. Had some work out yesterday and my 5 year old son stuck the needle THROUGH HIS THUMB NAIL AND THROUGH HIS THUMB. Yikes!!! Not good. I guess I was in shock because I walked over to him, as he is screaming “no, Mommy, don’t pull it out” and I swiftly pulled it out……He’s great today. No problems. Be careful…..

  4. It was very interesting for me to read the post. Thanks for it. I like such themes and anything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

    Avril Swenson

  5. Thanks for this post, what a great idea. I’ve just discovered dry felting, and so my son (age 8) has decided to dry felt some Christmas decorations. We’ll definitely use this idea.

  6. I’ve been following your blog for a little while now in my google reader and I’ve become super interested in needle felting. Can you recommend any good tutorials for getting started?? I don’t know the first thing about where to begin :)


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