Decorate an Easter Egg with Pressed Flowers.

Today we continued our Easter Crafts and used our pressed flowers to make a beautiful flower Easter egg.

We pressed the Black Eyed Susan’s about two weeks ago. K had great fun collecting the best specimens from our vine for pressing. She chose pretty orange flowers and lovely green leaves.

She arranged them neatly on the flower press that her granny gave her for her birthday. Then she placed the top board in place and screwed the flower press tight. It was very hard to leave them alone to dry for two weeks… a lesson in patience for sure! (if you don’t have a flower press, give an old encyclopedia a new life as a flower press… it will work just as well)
Two weeks later, with great excitement, she opened her press.
She gasped at the beauty of her pressed Black Eyed Susan’s! She was amazed that they had been pressed completely flat and yet held their color so wonderfully. ‘Just like a paining but only real!’ she exclaimed!
We gathered an egg shell that we had previously cleaned out (the tutorial on how we blew our eggshells clean is here) and applied glue all over it.
Then K carefully stuck her precious pressed flowers onto the eggshell.
A few flowers…
And a few leaves. As K discovered, working with pressed flowers is very delicate work and requires gentle, careful, firmness.
We left our pretty flower egg in the sun to allow the glue to dry and then marveled at the pretty Easter creation we had created.
Blessings and magic.


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  1. They are so pretty! We have nary a flower to be seen here, just dead grass, dead leaves, and a few strong green shoots coming up here and there. But I have been thinking of forcing forsythia…Beth

  2. Hi there,

    The Pregnancy and Parenting Channel on iVillage is compiling a round up of our favorite Easter crafts, and we’d love to include yours! What we need: A high-resolution image of the craft. Please note that our deadline is VERY tight (we hope to publish the article on Monday), so try to send us the image ASAP. We will, of course, link back to your site and credit you for the image as well as the craft.

    Pressed Flower Easter Egg

    Please forward the images to
    Feel free to call me if you have any questions/concerns at 832-350-1221.

    Lisa Biletska – Pregnancy+Parenting

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