How to Blow Eggs for Easter Crafts.

As we are going to be doing a few different Easter crafts using blown out, clean, eggshells, I thought I’d do a ‘how-to’ post on blowing eggs. It is a technique in which you blow out the contents of the egg shell, leaving the shell in tact and ready for all sorts of fun crafts. The bonus of using blown eggs is that they will keep forever… as there is nothing inside the shell, there is nothing to go bad. It’s one of those things that you think will be difficult but it’s not… really, it’s easy!
What you will need is;
* fresh eggs
* an object with a sharp point (I used my sharp small scissors)
* a skewer
* a bowl

How to blow eggs

Make sure your eggs are fresh. Wash the eggs very well with warm water and soap… making them nice and foamy and rinsing thoroughly afterwards. You, or your child, will be putting your mouth right over the egg shell and you want to know your egg is fresh and clean.
Begin by using your sharp point to make a hole in one end of the egg shell. Hold the egg gently in your hand and exert gentle pressure with the sharp object in a twisting motion (kind of like you are screwing in a screw). Push too hard and your shell will crack. Slowly does it and soon you will see a small hole appear. Continue with the twisty motion until the hole is just the right size.
Use the same technique to make a hole in the other end of the egg.
Put your mouth one of the holes and blow, slowly at first, until egg matter is pushed out of the hole at the bottom of the egg. Make sure you blow the egg over a bowl to catch the egg. Quite a lot of blowing pressure is required at the start to get the egg out of the shell… kind of like blowing up a balloon, but once it is moving, it becomes much easier. I started the eggs and then handed them over to K to finish.
blowing the egg out of the egg shellYou will know when there is no more egg left in the shell when you hear air whistling out of the hole in the bottom of the shell.
Clean the inside of your egg shell by rinsing the empty egg shells in water, letting water enter through one hole and exit through the other.
Let your shells dry in the sun and you now have wonderful, empty, eggshells to play with.
Of course, we won’t waste the eggs… tonight we are having delicious crepes for dinner… I’ll post the recipe tomorrow!
Blessings and magic.


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9 Responses

  1. I am going to wait till my babies are a little older to try this again. The first time I tried (6 years ago) I was pregnant with my daughter. There was just too much egg for my pregnant stomach. I am so looking forward to seeing what beautiful things you create with the shells!!!

  2. Looking forward to your Easter egg crafts. I use a large needle for this and find that pushing into the egg to actually break the yolk makes the blowing much easier. xx

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have been wondering how to do this for a long time :) Know I can get crackin’… well hopefully not literally.


  4. Here’s a tip: Once your top hole is made, use a quilting needle to puncture the yoke inside. It “blows out” much easier that way!

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