Discovering Waldorf – ‘Learn and LAPHH’.

Discovering Waldorf

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Jennifer Tan from the gorgeous entity that is Syrendell. You met Jennifer’s husband, Rick, a few months ago when he presented his article on ‘Elemental Simplicity‘. I read both Jennifer’s and Rick’s blogs regularly and I often come away from their spaces motivated to be a calmer, more peaceful and more present parent. I have often wondered how they achieve such connectedness. I am intrigued to learn that Jennifer and her family subscribe to a life philosophy called LAPHH and have asked her to share it’s basic values.
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We call our home Syrendell. Everything that we do follows our motto: “Learn and LAPHH!”. We learn from ourselves and each other through homelearning and family adventures. And, we LAPHH daily…yes, it means to literally “laugh” out loud, too. When we laugh, we are reminded to think of LAPHH: Love – Abundance – Peace – Health – Happiness.


Love for ourselves, each other, extended family, friends and the world!


Being grateful for everything that we have. This one is especially important during times of transition.


Speaking politely. Smiling. Lowering our voices. Taking a slow breath when life is hectic. Helping each other. Meditating on world peace.


Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – holistic, gentle, preventative, natural. Homebirthing, sleeping with baby, extended breastfeeding. Aromatherapy, massage, herbs, hiking, yoga, meditation.


Smiling, laughing and enjoying life! Musical instruments, singing, dancing, playing, sharing, caring.

When we remember to learn and LAPHH, our work, homelearning, and home are harmonious. As a quick reminder, I sing a little song that includes the words represented in LAPHH! Having a family motto keeps us centered and helps with decision-making and planning. If you haven’t already, consider coming together and creating a family motto! From all of us here at Syrendell, may you learn and LAPHH each day.

Jennifer Tan, MA
Jennifer is a musician, fiber artist, prenatal yoga instructor, aromatherapist, wedding officiant, university professor, homeschooling consultant and private handwork teacher. Retired from service as an elementary school principal, she is homeschooling three lovely children in a Waldorf-inspired environment.

Wow… so that’s how you do it! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful insights, Jennifer… no wonder you have such a happy family! It reads like a blueprint to happy, peaceful, loving relationships. I commend you for embracing these principles and will endeavor to follow them myself… Thank you.
So, dear readers, I’m sure you are longing for more of Jennifer’s wisdom. You can find her on her wonderful blog, Syrendell. Also, Jennifer co-owns two seriously gorgeous shops, Syrendell on Etsy and GoshYarnIt, providing families with fiber arts and handwork tools, totes and supplies. And, for those of you in Northern California, Jennifer runs workshops from the Syredell Academy. Oh how I long to attend some day!
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Blessings and magic to you, Jennifer, may you Learn and LAPHH!


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  1. lovely. I do love both of their blogs. Is it wrong that I am coming away from this post wishing that my family had a name for our home? I’ve always wanted to name my house, ever since Auntie Mame…

  2. Such a beautiful philosophy! I always enjoy reading your blog, Jennifer, and I appreciate both of you expanding on this topic. :)

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