Making Cute Garden Markers.

With Earth Day coming up and Spring in full swing, we decided to turn our attention to our garden. We had a glorious weekend planting herbs, tomatoes and strawberries. I love watching my little gardeners busy at work in the dirt. We had 9 strawberry plants last year but alas, it wasn’t enough for my berry picking children. This year we have planted an additional 8 plants… do you think 17 strawberry plants will do the trick? We’ll just have to wait and see…
With our new plants planted, we needed plant markers. I browsed upon some sweet spoon markers on Etsy the other day and thought T and K would have fun making a set of their own for our plants…
To make them, we needed;
* a few large spoons (we found these odd spoons at a thrift store for 25c each)
* a few magazines
* glue
* scissors
* polyurethane
The children looked for pictures of tomatoes, herbs and strawberries in the magazines.

When we found one, we cut it out. I wrote the name of the plant in permanent marker on the cut out picture.

K painted glue onto the back side of the cut out pictures…
And stuck them neatly onto the spoons.
When the glue had dried, she painted each one with two coats of polyurethane to seal them. As they will be put in the garden they need to be waterproof and the polyurethane does the trick.

When they had dried, they were ready for ‘planting’. They look too sweet in our garden…

I have to smile at the picture K chose for the strawberries… it’s of such a delicious looking meringue cake, topped with red strawberries. Each time I have watered the new plants, all I can think of is strawberry meringue cake!! I’ll have to make one with our strawberry bounty!

I have a very exciting Earth Day Giveaway coming up soon too, so keep a look out!
Blessings and magic.


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39 Responses

  1. Oh, I love this! I’m totally stealing this idea. Thanks for the tip about the polyurethane, as I wouldn’t have thought of that or that a kid could do it. So excited to give it a go. Will have to make sure I pick up some spoons at the thrift store (maybe some forks to hold laminated markers too?…oh the possibilities).

  2. Very clever!!!!

    I think these spoons will hold up much longer than my plastic ones. I think this year I’ll get some big pots and let my girls plant them….and I think these spoons would be lots of fun to complete the project. Hmmm…I might use my seed catalogs and make spoons for my veggie garden.

  3. I love the idea of using old spoons. Seems very appropriate. I am determined to make a few of these with the children. Just need to persuade a certain nearly three year old, not to muddle them up.

  4. The garden is planted and I’ve been seaching for a marker project to do with the kiddos. And we have a winner! These are adorable. We’ll be taking a trip to the Thrift store tomorrow. Thank you.

  5. What a fabulous idea!!! And everyone did their “jobs” so efficiently too:)

    I’m among the “stealers” I’m afraid. I can’t wait to got out to the garage and see what I have on hand!

    Thank you so very much for sharing. You have a delightful blog! Louise.

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