Natural Kids Earth Day Giveaway!!

Here are the gorgeous creations that one of you lucky Earthlings will win…

The sweetest little Felt Sail you have ever seen, fromMuddy Feet.

A little orange Pocket Baby, similar to this magical treasure, from German Dolls.

A pack of 5 Aromatic Play Clays from MamaKs, scented with the soothing fragrance of organic essential oils.

And last, but not least, an adorable ‘Feltie’ gnome, similar to this cutie, from SqrlBee.
See details on how to enter below.
Earth Day is an important celebration for us all… it is one day that focuses our energy into loving and nurturing our beautiful Mother Earth… a day for us to reflect on what we can do to help protect and cherish her, a day for us to meditate on how each one of us holds the power to honor her. Alone, we are just a cricket’s chirp in the dark, together we are a universal symphony of unbridled power. Let’s come together, through our actions, to keep our Mother safe and beautiful.
There are so many ways to show our respect for our earth and I’m sure each one of you are doing your part in being earth conscious every day. I thank you for this. One of the pledges I have taken is to be mindful of the toys I encourage my children to play with. Our children’s toys are often OUR choice… I can choose a shiny, plastic, mass produced, piece of junk toy from a huge conglomerate toy store who gets the toy in bulk from another country who, we are all too aware, is sometimes not so vigilant in making sure that that toy is safe for our children, a toy that I know is made from non-degradable materials that will end up polluting our beautiful Earth. OR I can buy a toy that has been handmade with love by someone who thinks like me. A toy made from natural, often renewable, bio-degradable materials. A toy that is non-toxic, made to last and beautiful in it’s creativity. I have chosen the latter. I’m not saying that we have none of the former in our home… we do, of course but I have made a conscious effort to move away from the cheap plastic toys in favor of the heirloom, handmade toys. It sometimes costs me more upfront, but not in the long run as these toys are heirloom and usually last from generation to generation. I make these toys too and in my journey into the marketplace of the eco friendly toy, I have been lucky enough to become part of a truly wonderful Etsy team called The Natural Kids Team.

This group of artisans are remarkable in their commitment to being eco-friendly. Their toys are often nature inspired and a reflection of the love they feel for our Mother Earth.
So, the Earth being our inspiration, our muse, what better day to come together as a team and show our global love for all that is nature in offering a Team Giveaway.

To enter the Giveaway, simply click on the Natural Kids Team Earth Day Promotion here… this will take you to our team blog and a list of all of our shops offering Earth Day Sales and Promotions. Please choose an item that grabs your fancy and tell me about it by leaving a comment below. Be warned… it wont be easy to choose a favorite as there are SO MANY gorgeous things to choose from… but have a go anyway :-D
If you blog, facebook or tweet about this giveaway (I’m sure your friends and readers will be delighted to have a chance to win these treasures too) you will be entered in this Giveaway an extra 3 times per time you share… just let me know and I’ll mark down your extra entries. If you have trouble leaving a comment, email me and I’ll enter you.
Mr Random will choose a winner on Earth Day evening… 22 April. This Giveaway is open to Earthlings everywhere!
Just think… with all of the wonderful sales and promotions this group of artisans is offering, NOW is a great time to get your hands on those heirloom toys your kids will treasure. (If your life is crazy like mine, Christmas will be here before you can say ‘Jack Rabbit!’ I, for one, am going to make the most of this great toy sale.)
The Natural Kids Team Blog is also having a Giveaway today so pop over for a second chance to win some gorgeous handmade toys.
Good Luck to all and blessings and magic to our Mother Earth!


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67 Responses

  1. What a lovely and generous giveaway! And you weren’t kidding about it being hard to choose – so many of my favorite sellers all in one spot! At the moment I’m really in love with the beautiful window stars by Harvest Moon By Hand. They are simply magical, so intricate and delicate.

  2. Oh, you’re right! It’s too hard to choose! I would like to buy a one of those sweet Waldorf dolls someday, even if my kids are getting a little old. :)

  3. I love the little bendy dolls at Gnomeful things. Of course, I also love your felted acorns, the yummy scented clay and I know two little girls who would love to have a family of felted snails! : )

  4. um, i’m in love with etsy and the beautiful artists like yourself and the rest of the natural kids team. some of my most fave artists are a part of that group. no way i can do any picking! i will say that your mother earth is one of our most treasured possessions and that i just won a giveaway through birch leaf designs of a sweet little enchanted cupboard set that we love. ;) thanks for the opportunity to win more goodness!

  5. I never enter giveaways (no one wants to post to us in Europe), but as soon as I saw that felt snail I knew I had to. My daughter (Sofie, almost 5)loves, loves, loves snails. Do you know how hard it is to find nice, natural snails for a child to play with?

    Sofie’s part of a forest playgroup where they go into the local woods once a week to play, sing, have fun, make noise and be outside – whatever the weather. Her group are the wood snails and she loves being a snail.

    So my favorite thing is the felted snail from Muddy Feet. Every week my Sofie returns home with her face lowing and her feet muddy. My own little wild snail.

  6. I am and have always been an admirer of Pretty Dreamer’s wooden irons. Just beautiful. I also blogged about this give away at Beautiful blog yourself by the way!

  7. I love the raccoon made by Eve’s Little Earthlings, but I see I’m not the only one! :) All her toys are so sweet.

    Thanks for this opportunity to win such amazing prizes.

  8. you weren’t kidding, soooo many goodies!!
    the fairy from fairie’s nest and the little rabbit from woolies jumped out at me but i must stay true to myself and say that i love the little owl by polar bear creations :)

  9. Yes very tough indeed to choose. I really love it all! If I had to pick something that caught my eye, it would be the little wooden iron by pretty dreamer, because my daughter has mentioned wanting one of those. I have the giveaway linked in my inspirational side bar for all to see. Thanks for the giveaway!!


  10. I have had Knecht Ruprecht’s Root Child Emma doll bookmarked for FOREVER! One day, she will come live in our home, but I just keep going back to look at her for now. :)

  11. What a wonderful giveaway!
    I LOVE the playsilks at Beneath the Rowan Tree, and the dolls at Knecht Ruprecht are to die for. You’re right; I could go on and on. lol.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail – M&D Wood Food set giveaway – feel free to hop over and enter.

  12. so many lovely things by so many wonderful people, so very hard to choose.
    I have to say I am loving the felted snail by muddy feet, which grabbed my attention in the first place and got me to come take a look, so very cute.
    Then I discovered Just hatched and completely fell in love with all their wonderful wooden puzzles and creations.
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

  13. I must say thare a lots & gobs of talented people out there. I could get lost for days on end dreaming about what the little ones could do with this and that. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway. My youngest and I like the Scruffy Mohair Bunny Rabbit- hands down. We are on a Peter Rabbit phase here. We are reading through the complete works of Beatrix Potter at present. Beautiful Stuff for a kid to dream about. I have posted about the giveaway on my blog at and put a link in my sidebar.

  14. Come on?! How does one truly choose? Well, I will just have to pick one if you insist! The Fairy Kitchen Play Box with the Enchanted Cupboard. Goodness me….I could get lost for a long, long time looking at all the gorgeous goodies!

  15. So hard to choose! I fell in love with the needle-felted nursing mama from elemental handcrafts etsy shop. Beautiful, as is the snail being offered as a prize.

  16. How does one choose?! There are so many wondrful things. I love the clothes from Handfull, especially the Earth Day Organic Tree Hugger Hoodie Long. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  17. Well, I’m sure my toddler would love the curly monkey pouch!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway – what wonderful treasures the winner will receive. :) xo

  18. We’re just getting into Waldorf and the natural kids team has been a wonderful way to find beautiful things for our girls. I feel like we own half of Etsy! Right now our favorite are the felt play sets from Muddy Feet. Some day a mouse family who lives in a pumpkin will make its way to our door!
    I’m more than happy to share the love on facebook and twitter!

  19. I’m just ordering some of the lovely flower fairies from JuJu’s Woolies…so I would have to say that those are my favourite creations!!
    Thank goodness there are such fabulous creative souls out there crafting up such wonderous playthings for our little ones.
    It feels SO good to support etsy…none of that post Walmart remorse!!

  20. Ohhhh they are all so precious, It is so hard to decide, However as I am in the process of making a fairy condo..I fell in love with the gorgeous morino fairies from Nushkie Design.
    Thank you for sharing!

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