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Needle Felted Toadstools

Ok, so it’s official… my new obsession is mushrooms and toadstools. Whenever I sit down with my needle and let the wool speak to me, a mushroom or a toadstool magically emerges. It’s uncanny… I can start with something else in mind but, alas, it’s always a mushroom or a toadstool that comes out! I have given up trying to fight it. Here is my recent collection…

needle felted toadstool

Magic Toadstool Rock

waldorf inspired needle felted toadstool

Toadstool Gnome Home

Wool toadstool

Felted Playscape with toadstools.

Needle felted toadstool terrarium with moss - waldorf inspired

Toadstool Terrarium

needle felted mushroom acorn

Acorn Cap Mushroom

needle felted stone and mushroom

Magic Mushroom Stone

So, if you visit my shop, Fairyfolk, don’t be surprised to find it stocked with all manner of fungi!
Am I alone here or does anyone else also have a mushroom fetish???
Blessings and magic.
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Donni Webber is the mom behind the popular natural living Waldorf website and blog, The Magic Onions - where the magic of nature and the wonder of childhood collide to make each moment a precious gift. She is a photographer, writer, crafter, wife and mother of two inspiring young children. Her work has been featured in many popular publications, including HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, Disney and Apartment Therapy.

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  1. Oh, they’re adorable! I love mushrooms. They’re so cute. My favorite part of the original Fantasia movie when I saw it was the dancing mushrooms with the little one who kept falling down.

    It’s morel mushroom season here in Michigan so I’ve been poking around in the forest, photographing (but never picking) the ones I find. Do you think you could do a morel in felt? It’d be tricky for sure! I’m thinking about trying to woodburn one on a trinket box.

    Here’s my blog post about morels:

    Have a blessed day!

  2. WOW! All of them are so cool. I especially like the toadstool terrarium and the acorn cap mushroom.

    You’ve been busy!

  3. Gorgeous…I am obsessed right along with you girl! Love the new additions to your shop!

    Jamie :)

  4. you are not alone my friend!! i love all of them, but especially the acorn topped one! so fun!

  5. Oh those are beautiful. I especially love the gnome home.

  6. All the shrooms are adorable but I especially like the acorn cap mushroom. It looks so real and is a wonderful combination of obsessions!

  7. You are not alone in the whole mushroom obsession. I am about to woodburn some on a table for my kids that my husband built.

  8. These are absolutely fabulous!!! i love them!! The gnome home is so beautiful!!

  9. You are not alone in this obsession! Your creations are all so very sweet and poetic. Love it!

  10. Sorry no fungi fetish here just a birdie one – maybe it is Spring making us all love Spring like things.

  11. These are lovely, I think a Waldorf person is always much more attuned to the life of magic and mushrooms. cheers Marie

  12. Obsessed here too! I think they are a great study subject for children too. Where would we be without fungus? And you’re right, nothing says “fairy” as much as a toadstool.
    Here is my blog piece with some amazing photos from a couple of days ago

  13. I love your work! I want to make a mushroom table, and stool set for my babies.

  14. I love the acorn cap mushroom–SO adorable!

  15. Ahhhh….cute! You are so creative! I love all the toadstools.

  16. My name is Heidi and I have a toadstool thing…. ;-)

    I recognize your story so much! I try to hold the stools until fall comes around, but could have toadstools all year round!

  17. I love them all – but especially the thin ones!

  18. I love Your Toadstool Terrarium!

    I just added Your beautiful shop to my blogs linklist:
    Best regards,

  19. Love the one in the terrarium and the the one with the acorn cap looks so real it’s amazing!

  20. How lovely!!! I’m working at my needle felting…slowly gaining confidence. However, oddly enough I just started sewing wool felt mushrooms this week…I just posted them on my blog, and hope to add a tutorial later this week. Mushroom madness must have hit!!
    Love the gnome home…holy cow…beautiful!!!
    :-) Maureen

  21. Mushrooms are excellent. I have a needle felted mushroom or two in the plans….

  22. LOVE the mushroom goodness D!!!!

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