These are the Days.

Oh, the excitement of camping… setting off for somewhere new.
Our little family of four… together… exploring… sharing… making memories. Up the Southern Californian coast this time to a breathtakingly beautiful beach called El Capitan, just outside of Santa Barbara.
So many beautiful moments…
Breathing smoke like dragons into the cold, early-morning air.
Our misty morning view from our camper’s window.
Drawing pretty pictures while waiting for breakfast.
Reading many chapters of Little House on the Prairie.
Hours of playing on the pebbled beach.
Finding treasures from the sea.
Saving creatures from the land.
More than once.
Collecting wonders of nature.
Enjoying special moments.
Discovering life on the rocks.
And moss from the sea.
Noticing the colors of the pebbles.
Spotting dolphins.
And, topped off with a S’more or two!

These are the days, my friends!

Blessings and magic.


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21 Responses

  1. Oh I love that song (These Are the Days by 10,000 Maniacs) and it was going through my head as I scrolled through your gorgeous pictures! You are so right that these moments are the ones that will live forever in you and your children. And so wonderful to see you all saving critters and appreciating all the wonders that surround! Very inspiring and leaves me with a smile and serenity! Thanks for the great post!

  2. I am so glad you were able to experience the full magic of that place! it is one of my favorites! I have several rocks on the nature table with those amazing holes. Greg uses one for his ink!

  3. I. Love. Camping! Its one of my favorite things in all the whole wide world. Beach camping is on my list, as in I have a huge list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, and its #24. Lovely photos, I am sure you have a lovely time!

  4. I’d love to subscribe to your blog via email! I see a spot where you were supposed to have it, but there’s not actual button to click on? I’ll sub to comments on this post for now hoping to hear back from you!

  5. Captivating, waiting for our airstream and then we’re off on another adventure for a couple of months – so wonderful for the children and so many treasures…

  6. It looks dreamy and your pictures are beautiful! We just recently started camping with the kids (something I’ve never done as a kid) and it’s our new favourite thing! Seeing this makes me want to go now :)

  7. Oh, what lovely photos of such a lovely time! I think we saw that same family of dolphins last weekend! We were just south of you near Carpenteria. :)

  8. Do you want to adopt me and my family? Everything you guys do looks like such fun! I just popped over here to see if you had any great projects for kids for craft gossip, and love to see what you guys are up to! Have a great summer!

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