Kats In The Belfry!

Please welcome my featured sponsor, Kat from Kats in the Belfry.

In March, my family and I travelled to New Zealand to celebrate my sweet cousin’s wedding. It was a fortuitous trip as A Good Man comes from New Zealand and all of his family were waiting for us. And, due to the wedding, all of my family were there too. A wonderful coming together of our extended families. The one thing that worried me, however, was the long 12 hour plane trip to get there. How would my children cope with being cooped in an airplane seat for so many hours… Kat to the rescue!! While browsing Etsy for nice ‘travel’ toys, I discovered Kat’s little Shakespeare People and TOTALLY fell in love. You know what it’s like when you happen upon a toy that just, for some reason, grabs you by the heart and makes you want to be a child again. Kat’s Shakespeare People did that to me! I immediately bought a set for K to play with on the plane (but I’ll be honest, I was secretly hoping K wouldn’t like them and I could have them for myself… do you think I’m weird??) Judge for yourself… here is Tuck…
Alas, K LOVED them too. I’m really not exaggerating when I say that she played with them on the plane for 6 hours. They danced on the seat arms, slid down the seat belts and even swam in a little plastic water cup. Here is Josephine, isn’t she too cute with her pouty little lips!
They were such an enormous hit that they became constant companions on all of our outings once we arrived too. Our family would even refer to them as if they were family members… ‘We’re going to a restaurant for dinner, be sure to bring K and T and Tuck and Pippa!’ They accompanied us everywhere and are now very well-traveled peg people. Now that we are home, they are still firm favorites and I often watch K playing happily with her beloved Shakespeare People. Kat, we LOVE them!
Kats in the Belfry has other super cute items too. I love these pencil cases and have my eye on one for when school starts up again.
And, take a look at this magical bunting. So very pretty for a special day.
Kat also makes such cute crowns…

So, please dear friends, pop into Kats in the Belfry and bookmark this super cute shop for when you need to find a special gift for a lucky someone.

Kat… welcome and thank you for your sponsorship.
Blessings and magic,
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