My Dearest T and K,
Hello my Darlings.
Today I am going to tell you about my first pony. His name was Pipparus and he was a tiny little white pony. He had a very naughty streak and my mother said it was good to learn how to ride on a naughty pony as he would teach me all kinds of things. That he did! He was so small that he could fit under a fence pole and knew well that I, on his back, could not. He would duck under them to knock me off and I quickly learnt to keep him well away from fence posts. I chuckle as I write this as I can’t imagine allowing either one of you to ride on a pony who’s best fun is to try to get you off. But… things were different when I was a child.
I entered my first show on Pippy and the judge thought us such a cute combination that she awarded us with a Highly Commended Certificate. I was VERY proud.
Here is a photo of me receiving it…
I was six, the same age that you are now, K. My best friend, Lindy, is on the other pony whose name was Quinella. She had won.
Here is an event I won. It was the Fancy Dress and I dressed up as an American Indian. We made hand prints in colored paint all over his white coat and I had long black yarn plaits and rode without a saddle. We got the winners RED rosette for this outfit. Look at us, how could we not?
I loved Pippy dearly and berated anyone who dared to call him by his nick-name, The Little White Goat.
He taught me to ride well. His naughtiness taught me to anticipate his every move, a skill that is handy even today and one that I try to teach you both.
I love you very much,
Your mom,


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8 Responses

  1. Beautiful pictures. My cousin rides horses and manages a barn. I was always so jealous of her relationship with horses. It’s the most amazing thing to be around them.

  2. Oh Donni, such an incredible time you had with your pony. These magnificent childhood memories you have to treasure and pass on to your children touch my heart so. You had a dear bestfriend in your Pippy! I remember my childhood horses – the first was Major Stansfield! I got his name from some novel I had read. He was so gentle and dear. The second was Comet – so tall and so, so fast. I remember galloping for miles across the African country – so wild and young and free – the two of us! He had a long stride and we flew!!
    Blessings to you and have a happy, warm day.

  3. ahhh I wish I wasn’t so afraid of animals I always envy people who manage to have warm relationships especially with horses. Oh well at least someone’s doing it. Glad your teaching your girls to follow in your footsteps

  4. I learned to ride when I was 5 and it’s been a life-long love affair with horses. We currently have 4 – a quarterhorse who is strong and steady, a mustang mare who is brilliant, a rescued (horribly abused) pony who is still learning to trust, and a 29″ tall mini horse who is the baddest pony ever. Adore them all!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. Hi Sara, I know… once you love a horse, you’ll love them forever. My ponies and horses were my life growing up. I am so so so grateful to have had the childhood I had. I’ve loved watching Winslow’s rehabilitation into a live of love.
      xo Donni

  5. This is the first time I have seen this post and Kate is 11. Went to Settlers Show in Ght today. It’s May 2015. It brought back so many memories. A lot of your greatest successes happened there. I knew quite a lot of people but they were watching their grandchildren compete. They all asked after you, how is Donnagilla doing? they said. I can’t remember when someone last called you that. Isn’t it strange that The Magic Onions opened at this blog today! Xx Mom

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