Running the Waves.

We have a beach that we go to that we call our ‘Bad Weather Beach’. When the sky is overcast or windy, we know that this is the best place to be. The surf is rough, with crashing waves and lots of wonderful treasures wash up on the golden sand. We find driftwood, shells and sea glass. I can collect.
Today, we arrived at high tide. K climbed the sand dune to survey the scene.
She was quickly followed by her little brother.
Down to the water to take in the freedom of the open space.
To feel the energy of the ocean.
To smell the salty air.
And then their game begins – their favorite beach game… Dad and his girl. It’s called ‘Running the Waves’. They follow the retreating wave, holding each other’s hand for courage. They are excited, waiting in anticipation for what they know will come.
And then the wave crashes on the shore. A loud, thundering explosion of sound and they turn and run, as fast as they can, desperate to escape the foamy, bubbling water.
It nearly catches them, but they are fast this time, they beat it. They feel powerful and whoop in excitement as they follow it back to race it again.
Little Brother feels brave enough to play too.
Often the sea is quicker. She catches them and envelops them in her frothy love.
They get wet. They get naked.
They laugh, they sparkle, they feel so alive that surely this will be a memory they keep with them into the sun.
You fill my heart to the brim, my sandy children.
Blessings and magic,
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Donni Webber is the mom behind the popular natural living Waldorf website and blog, The Magic Onions - where the magic of nature and the wonder of childhood collide to make each moment a precious gift. She is a photographer, writer, crafter, wife and mother of two inspiring young children. Her work has been featured in many popular publications, including HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, Disney and Apartment Therapy.

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16 thoughts on “Running the Waves.

  1. oh my gosh what a sweet day!! seeing the kids with dad in the surf filled with glee is so cute!!! you got some amazing photos. days like that are ones never to be forgotten.
    have a lovely week

  2. Wonderful post! We love to jump and run from waves, too – amazing how very little you need at the beach to make a full playday! Mother Nature at her very best :D

  3. even though i love where we live, i do miss the ocean so much…what a wonderful post. thank you so much for giving me a bit of the ocean today..:)

  4. That looks like my idea of the perfect day — it will be tucked away in a safe place in their hearts and pulled out years later when they need it.

  5. Sooo glorious! I love seeing the hand holding right on the threshold of anticipation of those waves…so powerful!

    We don’t have surf like that at our beaches around Vancouver; too protected by Vancouver Island, but if you get onto the west coast of Vancouver Island *that’s* where the surf action is!!

    We do enjoy our beach days too. :-)

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