We made Bark Boats today and took them to our local nature center to race down the stream. It was such fun that we had to do it again… and again… and again. Mr T’s boat was the fastest and won most of the races. He is a natural sailor. I took wonderful photos to show you but, alas, pressed the delete button on my camera and lost them all – all of the whoops, the sparkling eyes and the triumphant applause. Pity and sadness!
Anyway, in their stead, I direct you to a post from last year when we learnt how to make Bark Boats. They are such fun little whimseys and teach a wonderful lesson. Enjoy…
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Bark Boats

We made these sweet little Bark Boats at T’s Waldorf inspired playgroup. He is very enamored with his boat, especially since he made it himself, and has played with it in the water tub many times. I love that it teaches him that all you need is to find a few natural things from what we have around us and you can make a toy more beautiful than any you can buy in the shops.

They are easy to make. Start off with a piece of bark that floats nicely. Drill a hole in the middle of it for the ‘mast’. Find a straight stick to fit in the hole for the mast. Thread a big leaf through the mast for the sail. I have put a round bead on the showing end of the mast so that it is safer for little eyes.

T’s favourite thing to do with his Bark Boat at the moment is use his ‘bamboo prodder’ to poke the boat around the tub. He thinks he is very clever that he can control it from a distance. A Good Man has dubbed it his ‘Remote Control’.

And, as you can see in this next photo, he can even balance a car on his boat! Can you see how proud that makes him feel?
Blessings and magic.

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  1. What I cool idea can’t wait to see it in action. I am certainly trying this with my little guy next time we venture to the falls! Thanks!


  2. We just made bark boats a few days ago too, and they came out so nice. Very simple, cute craft. I think it took two minutes to make, and we just set them sail on a little fountain. I will post the pictures, hopefully today.

    Thanks for sharing

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