Our Butterfly Lantern hangs from our pergola outside, glowing in the sunlight and, also, glowing in the moonlight.
It is ever so pretty, in a completely summery way.
To make it, we needed…
* pretty, double-sided, scrapbooking paper.
* a paper lantern
* glue
* scissors

On a white piece of paper, I played around with the scissors to make a template for the butterfly wings. Then, I folded the pretty scrapbooking paper so that it would fit the wings I had drawn and put my template wings on the fold so that, once cut, would open up into butterfly wings.

I cut around my wing template to make pretty butterfly wings for the scrapbooking paper.
Teddy Bear painted glue in the spot each butterfly was to go and we stuck our pretty paper butterflies in place.
Even when the real butterflies are resting for the day, our butterfly lantern brings the wonder of summer onto our deck.

Blessings and magic,

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  1. This is great I just saw paper lanterns at the dollar store and I have a plethera of scrapbook paper that is begging for a creative use. Perfect! Thanks.


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