I am so excited to introduce the 2010 Fairy Garden Competition. The competition debuted last year. So many of you sent in photos of your magical gardens and it was truly a delight to see the creative and imaginative ideas you and your children came up with.

To enter this year’s competition, send in a photo of your Fairy Garden and leave a comment in the comment section below letting me know. It can be a new Fairy Garden that you and your kids make, or a fairy garden you have made in the past. You can send the photo to my email address {vined(@)mail(.)com} or you can post about it on your own blog and leave me a link to it in the comment section of this post. On Wednesdays and Sundays, I will post photos of the Fairy Gardens that have been entered for all to see.
Your Fairy Gardens can be as simple or elaborate, as small or as big as you like. They can be made from anything but do have to have living plants somewhere in them. The Competition will run until August 15th when Kitty, Teddy and I will choose a winner… you know how we can never agree (Kitty likes sparkly things, Teddy likes trains and I am quite off the chart, in a good way!) AND we will randomly draw another winner from the comments… so there well might be 4 winners! Who knows? You have to be a citizen of Planet Earth, Mars, Venus or Heaven to enter. You do NOT have to write your own blog. You do not have to even have children. But, you do have to have fun!

The prizes are spectacular!!! All of my sponsors have banded together to each offer something special from their shops. Go and check them out…
The Enchanted Cupboard – wooden, hand painted acorn stacker toy.
Mama4Earth – a choice of Linda’s hand painted yarn.
Periwinkle Sky – ‘Dream a Little Dream‘ or your choice of any print of comparable price.
TLC Blankets and Things – a set of personalized burp cloths.
Fairyfolk – choice of any 10 acorns, loose or hanging.
A package of little treats for your Fairy Garden… tiny shovel, small bucket, ect, ect, ect…
If you blog about this competition, please enter yourself an extra 3 times by leaving another 3 comments below.
If you tweet this competition, please enter yourself an extra 3 times by leaving another 3 comments below.
If you let your Facebook Friends know about this competition, please enter yourself an extra 3 times by leaving another 3 comments below.
So… if you do all 3, you will have entered yourself an extra 9 times… this is good!
Please feel free to share the fun by adding the above button (at the top of the post) to your blog. All you have to do to add it, is to save the above image to your desktop. Then add it as a ‘Picture Gadget’ to your blog, linking it to the address of this post. See… Easy!
Come on friends, lets spread the word on the 2010 Fairy Garden Competition and get the world making gardens for the fairies :-)
Blessings and magic to all the Fairy Gardeners out there,


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56 Responses

  1. We found a ring of purple flowers early in the spring and I spun a tale of wonder about how they grew where the faeries were dwelling. Well he decided to turn it into a faerie ring embelished with some of dads left over glass work and pretty things from our house. It is still a sanctuary for him many times a day. I never dreamed it would take flight like it has. It’s very simple but It appears to speak to his soul. Can’t ask for more than that!

    Here’s the link:


  2. We just started working on our faery garden this morning. I have a giant bucket (tree-size) that I reclaimed from the side of the road, and we have it spray-painted and ready to paint on the outside. What fun!


  3. Thank you so much for your inspiration. My children and I had decided to make a garden and were looking for ideas and now we even have a chance to enter your competition. We have just discovered your blog; thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. Love.
    I’m sending you an emailx

  4. I will just comment: This is such a great idea that you did. And also I have to say, that you blog is full of great ideas. Beautiful.
    Have a great rest of the week and greetings from me.

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