We so love the hummingbirds. They are prolific in our area… visiting our garden often. They remind me of UFO’s… they come ‘whirrrrrrrrrring’ in, hover, and then, faster than lightening, zip off into the air and away. They amuse me and make me smile.
Kitty want’s them to stay. She gets frustrated with their fleeting visits. So, in an effort to tempt our hummingbird friends to stay a little longer than they do, we made humming bird feeders.
We needed:
* A pretty, vintage bottle (picked up at a garage sale)
* A Hummingbird stopper (from our local garden shop. You might also find these at pet stores or hardware stores)
* Thin wire
* Pliers
* My trusty old glue gun
This is what the hummingbird stopper looks like.
We used our pliers to cut off a small bit of wire. I used the fine on the pliers to file the ends a little so that they were no longer sharp. We twisted it loosely around the top of the bottle.
We cut a longer length of wire that would fit around the bottle. We molded it to the shape of the bottle and threaded it through the loose top loop of wire.
We cut it and tightened it. Then we cut and tightened the top loop around the top of the bottle to hold the other wire in place.
I used my glue gun to stick the wire in place at the base of the bottle. I used a spoon to stick the wire down… once the glue has cooled and stuck (takes only seconds) the spoon breaks away easily.
We filled our bottle with hummingbird nectar, one blue for Teddy and one pink for Kitty (you can make your own with 1/4 cups of sugar, 1 cup of water and just a little colorful food coloring).
We turned our hummingbird feeder upside down and attached a nice bright and colorful ribbon to it (to attract the hummingbirds) and waited.

We didn’t have to wait long… with in the hour, there was a beautifully colorful hummingbird feasting from our feeder. Yay… what excitement.
Blessings and magic,


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12 Responses

  1. Wow. I do believe I picked the perfect day to discover you! I’ve always wondered if I could make my own hummingbird feeder, AND the annual crafting week with my Mom and Auntie begins next Monday. This craft is coming along–Yay!

    And now to click follow, because it obvious I’m going to want to see more….

    Thank you!

  2. I love your feeder- We have lots of humming birds where I live and we have a feeder but it started leaking- all it needs is a new spout and until now I had NO IDEA you could just buy one- Thank you- I will show this to my monkey- they will love what you made-

    I have not linked to your friday table for a few weeks but I am planning on being back this Friday- Have a nice week!

  3. What a lovely feeder, I’m sure the hummingbirds will love it. We don’t get visits from the hummingbirds where we live and unfortunately I have never been able to see a real one maybe one day….

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