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Winners for the Fairy Garden Competion!!

At last… the winners of the 2010 Fairy Garden Competition!!!!

So, this is how we did it (and probably why it took so long to decide). I chose my favorite, Kitty chose her favorite, Teddy chose his favorite and then Mr Random chose his favorite. There were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many seriously gorgeous fairy gardens to choose from and it was excruciatingly difficult. Kitty and I had a very hard time and back and forthed between several… Teddy chose his immediately, typical maleness, no problem deciding at all.

Here are the winners –

My winner is…
Felicity St John. She doesn’t have a blog but sent in photos of her magical garden. Here is one…

Felicity wins a set of personalized burp cloths from TLC Blankets and Things AND a set of 10 acorns from my shop, Fairyfolk.

Kitty chose Crystal and her families fairy garden. It is utterly magical all around but I do think it was this photo that clinched it for her… little water lilies… aaaaahhhhhhh! They win an enchanting print of their choice (up to the same price as Dream a Little Dream) from the amazing Periwinkle Sky.

Teddy chose the garden from the family of the Renaissance Mama. I do know why… apart from being utterly darling with swings and cute gnomes in it, it had a boat! Dawns family wins a skein of hand-painted rainbow yarn from Mama4Earth… oh my, now this is stunning!!

Mr Random did a great job and picked the garden from the family over at Choochmagooz.
Such a cutie with a seriously gorgeous rope ladder, a pond and lots of other magical little treasures. They win a super cute wooden acorn stacker, ready for all sorts of imaginative play from The Enchanted Cupboard.

What a wonderful Fairy Garden Competition it was. Thank you to everyone who made and sent in an entry. There were soooooo many magical photos of so many enchanting gardens. It made me shine from my heart to imagine the imaginative and creative hours you spent with your children making such wonderlands. Thank you!

We will definitely have another Fairy Garden Competition next year! Yes!

Blessings and magic.

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