The Ledgend of the Pumpkin Fairy.

Does the Pumpkin Fairy visit your house on Halloween night? Thankfully, she visits ours and Kitty and Teddy are already wondering what she’ll leave for them this year.

Before the Pumpkin Fairy started to visit our house on Halloween, I was faced (as I’m sure many of you are faced) with quite a dilemma… trick or treating is such a fun celebration. We dress up in our spectacular costumes and canvass our friendly neighborhood, candy basket in hand. Oh, what a sweet surprise it is to have handfuls of candy fill our bucket. How wonderfully kind and generous our neighbors are. It’s totally exciting to skip up to a new front door, ring the doorbell and sing, “Trick or treat?” when a person appears with a bag of candy in hand. Last year, Kitty was terribly concerned when her candy bucket started to overflow. “Mommy!” she chastised… “We should have brought a bigger bucket!” How can one dampen the spirit by curtailing candy on Halloween night? One just cant!

We’d get home with a mountain of candy, chocolate stains on our spectacular costumes, tired eyes and sticky fingers. We’d go to bed.

Alas, we’d wake up in the morning to the crinkling sound of candy wrappers being unwrapped. We’d spend another day of chocolate stains and sticky fingers… and another… and another… ad nauseum! We’d fight over how much we’d had that day, whether we could have candy before breakfast, if we could have it after we’d brushed our teeth for bed. Halloween would be an ongoing disruption for weeks and weeks until that damn candy was all gone, ingested, eaten, sucked.

No more, Folks… not now that the Pumpkin Fairy visits us. I love her, truly, she has made my life so much easier.

This is how she likes to do things; When we come home from trick our treating with our mountain of candy, we sit on the floor and go through it all. We choose our 10 favorites to keep for tomorrow and the rest gets put back into our candy bucket. This bucket goes at the end of our bed when we go to sleep… and… when we wake up in the morning, the bucket of candy is gone, Fairy Pumpkin dust is all over our room and, in the place where our candy basket once stood, is a beautiful treasure, left, indeed, by the Pumpkin Fairy.

Last year was the first year that the Pumpkin Fairy visited us on Halloween night. I admit that offering up her beloved candy for the promise of something else, was a very difficult decision for Kitty to make. She definitely hmmmmed and ahhhhhhhed. It was when I showed her photos of what the Pumpkin Fairy had left other children (cute Halloween listings on, of course) that she finally made up her mind to ask the Pumpkin Fairy to visit. Oh boy, she was NOT disappointed! The Pumpkin Fairy took her basket of candy and left in it’s place a beautiful needle felted fairy. Kitty declared she had never seen anything more magical. Huge success.

So, if this is new to you and your little ones, I thought I’d give you a photo gallery of some of the treasures the Pumpkin Fairy has left in the past…


The Pumpkin Fairy has also been known to leave handmade necklaces, gemstones and crystals, favorite books, warm orange stockings, pumpkin muffins and knitted scarves.

May she visit your home this Halloween and bless you with a peaceful return to normality.

Blessings and magic,


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21 Responses

  1. wow…with fairy gifts like these! I bet no child would ever miss that 11th piece of candy…ever.

    What a wonderful idea!! I’ve seen this done other ways before, but I really love your pics of what your fair leaves…very inspiring…okay, doing that this year for sure!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I might try it out even than – happy me – my children are not turned to much towards candies as they soon feel sick because of the artificial sweetener they contain.

  3. Thank you for this post! The Sugar Plum Fairy visits our house every year and I wrote about her on Friday (and got a handful of comments from people thinking I was being mean or taking away the fun of Halloween)

    We always leave it up to our kids if they want to leave candy out to exchange, but so far we’ve never had anyone want to keep their candy.

    A fun little gift (and at our house the fairy also leaves a fun new tooth brush beside the presents) is just too much fun to resist :-)

    This is definitely one of my favorite Halloween traditions!

  4. @CCETSI- wow really they’re sick of it? im hearing that for the first time! =D

    Very innovative idea! Let’s save all our kids’ health.. No more to cavities!

  5. That’s a great idea!! Normally we have a bucket ontop of the fridge and they get one a day after dinner…but this bucket usually rolls over from Halloween to Christmas to easter because they get so much from the grandparents. I would love to get rid of the bucket all together….and what a treasure I’m sure the kids would really remember these special treasures more than the candy.
    Thanks for sharing intime for us to prepare for the pumpkin fairy:-)

  6. Wonderful und magical idea. So much better, than my ideas.

    The years before I just went through the candy together with the kids and we sorted the worst candies out.
    Last year we were weighing the candy and I paid them.
    This year they don’t want to go trick or treating, even my youngest (4), because they are so much more aware of what artificial ingredients are in the candy, and because of HFCS. So we made a deal, we go to Cost Plus and buy some German Chocolate (with real ingredients) and they get to eat that in one sitting more or less and we’re done.

  7. Beautiful things!

    The pumpkin fairy is also a wonderful idea for those with severe food allergies. We do something similar b/c my child can’t eat much candy due to food allergies. She trades her candy in for a safe candy treat and a little something else (toy, etc). Little sister does it too even though she has no allergies.

  8. We also have the pumpkin fairy visit our house. My daughter is allowed to chose twice her age in candy (if she can tell us what that is) and then give the rest to the fairy who will leave her a gift in exchange. Then she can it her candy as she pleases… all at once, a few a day, or stretching it out for as long as she wants. It’s been working great!!

  9. Bianca: The first year the Halloween Fairy visited (aka the Pumpkin Fairy, aka the Candy Fairy), my mom asked, “So, what did the Halloween fairy get– besides a stomach ache?” I’m happy to report that our city’s yard waste accepts processed candy.

  10. Oh the beloved pumpkin fairy… we have been looking forward to her visits since 2003. She is a beloved Halloween tradition in our home…. good for you ….
    light and peace…

  11. What a lovely tradition you have created for your children. Not sure if I could pull this off on my 9yo but I certainly will try. This is much more lovely than fighting over the candy for weeks after halloween.

    Thanks for all your inspiration to live LOVELY lives.

  12. At our house we call it the Good Witch. I have to say that mom and dad get some of her loot and some I put up in the building where my studio is for all the adults that don’t go trick or treating…. We usually talk about wishes from the Good Witch and although Huxley now at 6 is catching on to some of the things like “Mami, Santa can’t really fly, can he, I mean that is not possible” and I try to let him keep imagining without outright lying to him, the Good Witch has not ever been questioned. This is a great tradition, definitely worth spreading further afar….

  13. There is a also a program where dentists buy back candy (per pound), the kids get to keep the money and the dentists send the candy overseas to our troops.

    Here’s the link where you can learn if any dentist in your area participates:

    I am also curious about what you use for the fairy dust?

  14. very neat idea! We have many little traditions like this but not this one. Why go trick or treating if you are going to throw it in the garbage? I hand out candy and it’s expensive! Sending it to the troops is an awesome idea. I’ve never heard of that before. Our candy lasts all year, literally. Our kids are allowed to bring 3 pieces (each)to the free movie theater on our military base every Sunday. We are not big on candy and the kids dont bug for it and even allow visitors to the house rumage through the tub o’ candy.

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