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Discovering Waldorf – ‘Making Your Own Waldorf Knot Doll’

I know that we are all starting to think of Christmas gifts for our children. Will you be making any of their gifts? If you had asked me this question 4 years ago, I would have looked at you funny and asked if you were quite crazy… with the shops brimming with colorful, shiny new toys, toys that flash and talk and race, why on earth would I try to make something? Now, the thought of making our Christmas gifts is so totally, awesomely appealing. I don’t want my kids to have those flashing, talking, racing toys… I want them to have treasures that have been handmade with love. There really is such a difference.

We are so lucky today as Marie, an expert doll-maker, is here to show us how to make a Waldorf Knotted Cuddle Doll. You will see that even you can make this sweet doll. I realize that some of us don’t have silks and wool on hand and so I have listed a few sets of silk and wool in my shop Fairyfolk as I know the frustration of really wanting to make something but having to find out where to get the materials and then wait for them to arrive.

* * *

Making Your own Waldorf Knotted Cuddle Doll

by Marie of Knecht Ruprecht Dolls

The traditional Waldorf silk snuggle doll is probably the most simple and yet one of the most enchanting dolls I know. It can be made for or together with a baby or a small child, coming alive though nurturing gestures, stimulating creativity by drawing on the child’s imagination.
You can use a piece of pure silk or any other natural fabric you have at hand like cotton or a piece of knitted wool.

This kind of cloth doll has been used for generations to calm and comfort young babies. If a Mama keeps this doll with her for a little while, the doll will absorb her fragrances. It’s familiar ‘Mama smell’ is tremendously comforting to baby.

All You need is:
– One piece of pure silk with rolled hem or a piece of cotton or wool fabric you have at hand.
(Ours is 16 x 16 inch) and plant dyed with organic beetroot
Xiling offers beautiful, organic, high quality silk in her online Shop incl. worldwide shipping.
– Fitting cotton thread
– Lambs wool stuffing
– Scissors

First, you need to break off a piece of wool and roll it into a ball in your hands. This wool ball will be the dolls head.

To form the wool ball, put the wool ball between your palms and roll, giving it a round shape.

Fold the fabric to find the center.

Put the wool ball into the center of the silk.

Cover the wool ball with the silk to form the dolls head.

Use the cotton thread to tie the silk around the head.

You can use a needle and a thread and make a few stitches if You want to ensure the thread will stay in its position. Now, knot two corners of the silk for hands.

Play and cuddle.

* * *

Oh Marie… what a sweet little doll maker you have in these photos. I understand she is soon to receive the gift of a brother or sister… congratulation to your family. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us that sometimes simple is the most enchanting of all. I am definitely going to make little cuddle dolls with Kitty and Teddy… in fact, perhaps we’ll save making them for our long plane journey home for Christmas.

To find out more about Waldorf Dolls, you can visit Mari’s previous post on Discovering Waldorf, The Waldorf Doll. You can see more of Mari’s beautiful dolls on her blog and in her shop at Knecht Ruprecht Dolls . They truly are heirloom treasures.

Here are the other articles in the Discovering Waldorf Series.

Blessings and magic,

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Donni Webber is the mom behind the popular natural living Waldorf website and blog, The Magic Onions - where the magic of nature and the wonder of childhood collide to make each moment a precious gift. She is a photographer, writer, crafter, wife and mother of two inspiring young children. Her work has been featured in many popular publications, including HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, Disney and Apartment Therapy.

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  1. We used to make these sweet dolls out of flannel and much tinier. Using a plain colored flannel and then adding a bit of ribbon or embroidery around the edges of the square could make a cute Christmas-themed baby.

  2. This is so precious. I’ve made one in the past, but never out of silk before. Now I think I’m going to make one today with a spare blank play silk….

  3. So often the simplest things are the very most beautiful.

  4. What a sweet doll. Sometimes the most simplest things are the most special.

  5. Hello Donni, I have enjoyed making many of these little dolls for my children and others. They are so soft and cuddly.

  6. I love your blog and follow it often.
    I love your pure and nature Waldorf ideas!

    I just started my own homeschooling blog!
    Check it out :)

  7. Yes, I started making gifts for my children a year ago, and there’s no going back! Funny how it feels like I”m part of an underground revolution. :)
    Thank you for this tutorial…what a sweet reminder of how simple a doll can be, and how little hands like to help make their own toys!

  8. Thank You so much, Donny, for Your kind words and this beautiful post!
    Your Discovering Waldorf Series articles are great!

  9. The girls and I make stuff for them (and me!) every day, so Christmas and their birthdays are the only times that I give them store-bought gifts. Of course, those gifts are really homeschool supplies in disguise, but they’re also super-fun, so the girls don’t know!

  10. I love your blog! We made the beeswax ornaments yesterday, and they smell delicious. I’m so excited to make more ornaments when the season comes around again.
    My friend is having a baby girl, and I’d love to make her a doll. I have a question, perhaps silly: How do you want these? I’m assuming they’re washable. Thank you!

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