Let’s make wax-dipped Pine Cone Ornaments.

As you may know, we wish to someday have a Christmas tree that is entire decorated with handmade ornaments… some collected, some made by us, some found at thrift stores or yard sales. We know that it will take many years to collect and make such treasures but we are delighted that we have started on our quest. Each sweet ornament that we make will be carefully packed away after Christmas and stored until next year. Then, we will unwrap it carefully and the memories of this Christmas, the memories of our time together making it, will come flooding back. We will smile and reminisce and feel our holiday spirit grow.

Today, we made wax pine cone ornaments.

handmade beeswax pine cone Christmas ornaments
Of all our handmade ornaments to date, these little pine cones dipped in beeswax are my favorite of all. They are so pretty with their red bows and golden jackets.

To make beeswax dipped pine cones you will need;

* small pine cones
* eye hooks
* a drill with a small bit
* ribbon
* beeswax

Begin by melting the beeswax over a bain-marie on the stove. A bain-marie can be made by filling a pot, a third full, with water. Bring water to the boil and set your beeswax pot in the boiling water to melt. I have a little milk warmer dedicated to melting beeswax as I work with beeswax often. I let the left-over beeswax harden in the milk warmer and store it for next time. If you don’t often work with beeswax, a recycled jar will work just as well as my milk warmer and you can throw it away (or recycle it) when you are done.

making pine cone Christmas ornaments
While the beeswax is melting, drill a hole, just a little but smaller than the width of your eye hooks, in the top of the pine cone.

making Waldorf Christmas decorationsScrew the eye hook into the hole.

handmade Waldorf Christmas ornaments
handmade beeswax Christmas ornaments
When the beeswax is melted you can start dipping your pine cones. Hold the pine cone by the eye hook and dip it into the melted beeswax, quickly. Once you have dipped the pine cone, hold it over the melted beeswax to catch the drips.

Let the dipped pine cone rest for a few seconds, allowing the thin coating of beeswax to harden. Then, dip it into the melted beeswax again, quickly. The quicker you dip the pine cone into the wax, the better it will coat the pine cone.

Let the 2nd layer of wax harden for a few moments and then dip it again, quickly. Soon, you will have a delightfully coated pine cone.

Beautiful golden beeswax dipped pine cones - Waldorf Christmas ornaments
Cut a length of ribbon and hang your pretty ornament with a bow.

Merry blessings and magic,

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32 Responses

  1. lovely… my children and i have been making these since they were small.. my tree is decorated entirely out of handmade decorations. It did take years of collecting and creating but it is SO worth it… we hang our memories on the tree each year and remembering our Christmas Past…and we pack them away every year with new memories made. We are truly fortunate. Happy collecting and creating….
    light and peace

  2. Wow soooo pretty! What a great idea! And I just LOVE beeswax, it smells all childhood and christmas and winter and mmm just great! :-)

    I’d like to welcome you (and everybody else) over to my blog and join in and make some christmas ornaments for the exhibition that I am hosting.
    (forskollarare.blogspot.com look to the right for a link to the exhibition)

    Thank you for all inspiration!


  3. I think these are going to be the icing on the cake as far as gifts we give this year. I am all about the easy and simple gifts to make with the kids to give out to family!


  4. Thanks for the information me having doubt about this bain maries heating process… when I reading this discussion I got the clear points.. thanks for the information really help to me… thank you so much.

    Bain Maries

        1. Hi Dani,
          Yes… great idea to add the smell of the Holidays to your home. I’d expect both ways to work… adding the cinnamon to the melted beeswax and stirring well before dipping the pine pones would be more subtle. Dipping the still-hot waxed cones in the cinnamon straight after dipping in beeswax would work wonderfully too but you’d get a more rustic, cinnamon powder look rather than the smooth wax look.
          I’d love to see a photo of how they turn out :-)
          xo Donni

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