Interview with an Etsy Mom – Skipping Stones.

Patti, from Skipping Stones, has been a Magic Onions sponsor for over a year and I’m sure most of you have popped over to her shop button (situated in the right column of my blog on every page) and entered her gorgeous shop.

For those of you who haven’t yet, you are in for a treat as I have asked Patti to tell us a little about herself and show us a few of her gorgeous creations. Welcome, Patti!

* * *

I grew up in California. I was always pretty crafty as a kid. My mother used to paint and my father loved landscape design, although he worked as a judge and she was in education so might have influenced me. I took my first sewing class in 4th grade. After high school, I earned an AA degree in Fashion Design from FIDM, and I worked in the fashion industry in Los Angeles in my early 20’s but I soon became disenchanted knocking off junior sportswear and in a few years I decided to go back to school.

I majored in fine art majored in Fine Art and got an MFA. I did my undergrad work at UCLA and my graduate work at UC Irvine. In school, I worked a lot with sculpture and explored concepts like the natural vs. the artificial found everywhere society today in things like manufacturing, entertainment, medicine and art. With my sculptures, I was into a sort of lowbrow, low tech manufacturing. Like, I made copies of my body parts in repetition – like a huge piles of 1000 beeswax casts of my mouth in various positions, tongue sticking out , and smiling frowning, etc. I also made hundreds of artificial flowers with some with tiny odd “genetic mutations” added.

I began jewelry making after the birth of my first child. We were living in Los Angeles and I wanted to stay home with him .

I needed a creative outlet and I was also was hoping to earn a bit of money, so, I began to experiment with jewelry design.

I taught myself beading and wire wrapping and then I began to play with felt. I joined ETSY in the summer of 2005.

I found I love to work with felt- embellishing it with beads and embroidery.

Most of my work is inspired by nature I love layer and juxtapose color to create a mood for each piece. I usually use wool felt or a wool felt blend in my pieces.

I still use a lot of repetition in my process like the sewing of tiny seed beads around the edges of many of my pieces. I love to include vintage materials in my work- like Lucite flowers that show up on a lot of brooches.

Today, I try to make jewelry whenever I can but I work at night a lot since just had another boy in 2010.

I live in Northern California with my family where we just bought our first home. I am probably happiest when I doing something creative like decorating our new digs, crafting with my kids, cooking and gardening. I am trying to convert my big weedy backyard into a flower and vegetable garden.

In the near future, I want to start painting again (watercolor and gouache) and I have been thinking I may try making and selling some items for the home. I am also dreaming about the possibility of going back to school for a degree in elementary education (primary) or special education with an emphasis on early childhood. I love working with young children and I feel I can apply my creativity to lessons in the classroom. Still, I will probably keep on making jewelry because I absolutely love doing it so much.

* * *

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Patti. I so love finding out how other moms have done it… it’s motivating to me to know that the people I admire on Etsy, and elsewhere, are moms just like me. I hope Patti’s insights can inspire other creative moms out there to follow their hearts and share their art with the world :-) We are a powerful community because our beliefs are strong, we support each other and we know that what we are doing is meaningful.

Please, wonderful readers, pop over to Patti’s shop, Skipping Stones, and mark her as a favorite so that you can find her again easily when you need that special gift for a loved one.

I have a few sponsorship spots available… if you are interested in becoming a Magic Onions sponsor, send me an email ( vined (at) ymail (dot) com

Blessings and magic,


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  1. what beautiful creations!
    In case you didnt get my email, id love to be part of your discovering waldorf series. Waldorf has changed so much in my life for the better, inspiring me to be more mindful and apreciative of our beautiful world and simple things. Your blog was a great resource for me when I was first learning about it all!

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