With Easter fast approaching, we are deep into bunnies in our house. Teddy wants his peanut butter sandwich shaped like a bunny, Kitty hugs her beloved calico bunny to sleep every night and the bunnies who live in the garden (lol, their names are Mine and Yours) are being fed copious amounts of carrots and cabbage. In our house, bunnies rule at the moment.

So, it’s hardly surprising that whenever I ask… OK, Kiddies, what shall we do today? Their reply is often ‘MAKE A BUNNY!’

Here is our latest little guy…

He really is too sweet. He’s made from things we collected on a recent walk around the neighborhood. A pine cone, a couple of pods and of course, a bit of wool fluff (from my wool basket… oh, if only we had sheep in our neighborhood :-)

I used my hot glue gun to stick the pods onto the pine cone and he immediately started to look like a cute little bunny.

All that was needed to complete this cutie was to stick the white bunny tail onto his bottom.

Here is our pine cone bunny. He really is too sweet… it looks like he’s just asked a question and is waiting for an answer. I find myself telling him all sorts of things, he is such a good listener.

Happy Easter crafting :-)
Blessings and magic,


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20 Responses

  1. Such a beautiful and simple craft- I always enjoy all the wonderful crafts I see in your posts. I think it’s time to get out my needle felting and work on some bunnies for around the house. Wonderful and inspiring blog. Thanks- April


  2. What a cute idea. He *does* look like he’s waiting for an answer! I think I’ll have to look around for some seed pods soon… My little Nathan loves collecting things he finds outside!

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  3. So cute! I love his little fluffy tail :) I’ve got a few pine cones that I keep meaning to make into owls. But maybe a bunny is more fitting this month.


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