I am often totally intrigued by the history of something I find. Everything has a story… somebody once loved it enough to make it, buy it, gift it, keep it. I find such charming things… trinkets that I can’t believe someone doesn’t love enough to keep. I find such funny things… things that I can’t but wonder who gave it to whom, and why? I find beautiful things that must have been cherished heirlooms and sweet things that only a few of us think are cute. Kitty loves many of the things I love and then she loves many things that I don’t really like so much either. A Good Man loves many of the things I love too but I’m not that into the old tools and ‘man’ things that tend to draw his attention. Teddy only loves swords and things that belonged to Dragons and I kind of love those things too. We all love some of the same things and we all love different things also. It’s so interesting to me to find out why we love something… why it finds a place in our hearts, why it becomes cherished and loved and passed down from generation to generation.

These sentiments are the inspiration behind ‘The Story of a Treasure’ meme… each week (for a while, anyway) I’m going to show you something I have that I love and tell you the story behind why I love it. In thinking of the things I have that are deeply special to me, I realize that I love each one for a very different reason. I think it’s going to be fun to explore the history of my treasures and I know it’s going to be wonderful one day for Kitty and Teddy to know why I loved the little thing that they new own. I hope you will play along too. I invite you to explore your own treasures and post the histories behind your things on your own blogs. Each week, I’ll add a link-up for you to share your special treasures on The Magic Onions. You can play along each week or just once in a while or, you can just enjoy reading about why we love the things we have.

Today, I want to share something I haven’t had for very long… it’s a set of tiny, little clay houses. I seldom buy things for myself (far too stingy) but these I could NOT resist. I ADORE them. They are each a little different, a little unique. They sit on a wood slice on my bookcase. I smile at them every time they catch my eye… a little gnome village right here in my house.

They were made by a local artist.


I have to tell you that the little green house in the front right, is Kitty’s. She begged and begged for me to give her one and, when I finally gave in and let her choose her favorite, guess which one she chose… yes, the tiniest of all.

Don’t forget to come back and link up your own treasures… we are having so much fun seeing your precious things :-)

Blessings and magic,


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4 Responses

  1. Donni – I linked to some yard sale treasures I found this last weekend. My favorite is the Grimm’s Fairy Tales book I found, and the old lunch tray. Also, I feel like I’ve said this SO many times to you, but I am working on little clay houses RIGHT NOW that look very similar to your little treasure! How funny. They are really very beautiful.


  2. These are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them. I’ll have to see if I can photograph a treasure sometime to play along…I know just the thing!

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