Our Little House on the Prairie.

 I was honored and delighted when, a little while ago, Cassi from The Crafty Crow wrote to ask if I would write a little post for her super-stunning blog about our favorite book. I said ‘Yes!’ with great excitement, and then didn’t even have to think far to know what book I’d write about. Little House on the Prairie, of course! Kitty and I started this series at about this time last year when she was 6 and we whizzed through all 7 books in a matter of months. With Cassi’s request, I asked Kitty if she’d like to start the books from the beginning again. ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ was her reply and so now we are deep into the utter gorgeousness that is Little House on the Prairie. And this time, Teddy is loving it too. I love our ‘bedtime chapter’ (or two or three) just as much as Kitty and Teddy do which makes this book such a pleasure to read to my children. But, what I love even more, is seeing how the stories spark such wonderful imaginative play.

We have designated a spot in the back yard that is our Little House on the Prairie. We found and old wooden sink and stove and Teddy and Kitty have filled their little outdoor house with all manner of furniture… a stump for a seat, a kitchen table and even a washing line. They play in their ‘house’ endlessly… usually Kitty is “Laura” and Teddy whoever Kitty says he is… Baby Carrie, Pa and even Jack the dog!

The first hour of their play usually entails getting the little house clean. It sits under our Golden Oak that is a terrible leaf dropper. Teddy and Kitty sweep leaves from the kitchen and living room endlessly. They dust the table and chairs and rearrange the furniture. I often giggle inside at the amount of work they do to keep their house clean… not far from the truth, I think!

Our Little House on the Prairie

The ‘kitchen’

The sink.

Raking the leaves away.

Keeping the little house tidy.

 Their Little House even has a fire place for them to cook their meals and boil the water they need for their tea. Kitty and Teddy collected stones for the fire ring. All the leaves that they rake up go into the fire for kindling and then Teddy arranges logs just like he has seen Daddy do when we are camping.

Building the fire.

Admiring the fire.

 Then, when the house is ‘picked up’, they start to play. This usually entails some kind of party for ‘Laura’ with ‘Pa’ singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her over and over again.

Playdough cupcake.

And a feast.

Sunday feast.

More ‘Happy Birthday’s’

A child’s work is his play is never so true as when they play Little House on the Prairie in their very own Little House. Watching them is a delight I will cherish.

If you haven’t read this series with your children yet, lucky you!!! It’s such a super summer read.

Blessings and magic,


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15 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh- this is the greatest thing I’ve read in awhile! I had a Little House on the Prairie area when I was little and just loved it. I remember being so disenchanted by my mortar and pestle – like it was taking SO long to grind up those oats.

    I’m crossing my fingers we’ll have an area like this in our yard within a couple years. I’ve been biding my time to get started on the series with my now 4 year old. Soon soon! happy playing!

  2. Fun! We’ve also had lots of Little House play off and on. We have a Little House cookbook, from which we’ve made a few “interesting” recipes, and we’ve done Little House crafts before, like a corncob doll and a nine-patch quilt. I’ll have to encourage more Little House pretend play, now, because that little kitchen is precious.

  3. We love Little House on the Prairie here too – not so much the space for a backyard house here! I’m waiting off reading further than Plum Creek with my daughter (I’ve read the whole series many times) until next year, to save some of the goodness for longer :0)

    1. Hi Lisa, I know… and, it’s surprising how much our little one’s actually LOVE to tidy up… when we make it part of a game :)
      xo Donni

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