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Every year, some time during the Spring or early Summer, Kitty and I make a new fairy garden. It has become a family tradition for us. A together-time… a time for us to get lost in the magic of our mother-daughter friendship. I can’t express how this little delve into the fairy realm replenishes my soul. My sweet little girl is enchanting… her imagination is pure magic and to be welcomed into her childhood dreams is a gift of untold worth.

Fairy Garden, making a mossy wonderland for the fairies

During the Spring, Summer and Autumn, Kitty plays endlessly in her fairy garden. But it does tend to get neglected in Wintertime. By the time Spring comes around again, the moss is often dead.

Fairy Garden, magical gardening with children

The other plants have either died too or become totally overgrown.

Fairy Garden, miniature garden for the fairies

The pond is black and slimy. It is often in need of some tender loving care…

Fairy Garden, mossy wonderland for fairies and gnomes

We assemble the fairy goodies we have collected for the new fairy garden.

Fairy Garden, enchanted little garden, Waldorf inspired

We buy a flat of moss and a few other fairy friendly plants.

Fairy Garden, magical little garden for the fairies, gardening with children

The magic begins…

Fairy Garden, gardening with kids
Fairy Garden, gardening with kids Waldorf style
Fairy Garden, making a mossy wonderland for the fairies
Fairy Garden, how to make a fairy garden
Fairy Garden, how to make a magical fairy garden with children

This year, Teddy made a fairy garden too. He loves to dig in the soil with his little shovel and so requested a moss-less fairy garden.

Working in her fairy garden always reignites Kitty’s love for it… she plays in her garden for hour upon hour, day in and day out. I love to see her playing out in sun and the fresh air. And now, with Teddy playing at her side, their fairy garden hours bring absolute joy to my heart.

Here is a link to last year’s fairy garden with tips and instructions on how to make your own.

I encourage everyone to make this a family tradition in their own family. There are hundreds of ways to make a fairy garden… your child’s imagination is the limit and you’ll find that their imaginations have no limit at all!

Enter the Fairy Garden Competition – 2011! Click on the link below to learn the details.

 I encourage you to help spread the word of this magical competition by adding the above button to  your own blogs… (how? – save the above ‘Fairy Garden Competition” button to your desktop and then add it to your blog as a picture gadget linking to this code in the HTML box of the gadget…

Happy Fairy Gardening!
Blessings and Magic,


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19 Responses

  1. I remember your post last year about your fairy garden and I wanted to make one for my kids so bad, but we didn’t. I had been keeping some “miniatures” to go in it though… I think it’s time we go make one! Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Such a sweet garden. We do a fairy garden as well but don’t have such sweet little furniture and whatnots. (Very cute!) Also love the blue “stream”. Is that aquarium rocks?

  3. How beautiful!
    We didn’t do one last year, but I think we have to do one this year again.
    Where do you get all those cute accessories?

  4. Another lovely and inspiring garden. We have also been gathering bits to restart our Fairy Garden this year, and as soon as we are back from hols it is one of the first projects on the list.
    Love the arch and tiny spade you have in yours.
    I would love to see some tips on getting such great photos of them too. Your pictures are wonderful and truly capture the essence of the garden. Advice to those of us who haven’t worked that bit out yet would be appreciated :-)

  5. So lovely. Do you buy the accessories locally or via internet (any recommendations?) We have fairy houses in the flower beds but I like your idea of placing it in a container that it all theirs. I look forward to do this next spring!

  6. How wonderful, what a beautiful fairy garden. We are always tucking gnomes and things into our moss/rock garden, but havn’t had a fairy garden since the children were little. We have the Fairy Houses Book & DVD and have left behind fairy houses when we visit the beachwhich is very fun. I think its time to pick up some more moss and work on one with the family!! How fun!!

  7. That’s nice that each of your children had a chance to make their own garden this year! Thank you for sponsoring this fairy garden blog link party. It is a lot of fun jumping from blog to blog reading all the details about fairy gardens. I am having a great time.

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