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Discovering Waldorf – ‘Waldorf and Reading’

Discovering Waldorf is a weekly series of articles written by ‘everyday’ Waldorf families. The contributors to this series share their ‘real-life’ insights and inspirations on all kinds of Waldorf topics. This series is not meant to be Waldorf philosophy in its purest form, but rather a snapshot of how we can all incorporate Waldorf ideas into our lives to help nurture and encourage the magic that is in our children. If you have a topic you wish to learn more about (or want to share) on Discovering Waldorf, contact me.

Following on from Shayne Jackman’s beautifully written article from last week, about learning to read the Waldorf way, I thought it would be nice to share this great article on Waldorf and reading.

Thoughts on Reading from a Waldorf Teacher 

by Dr. Christine Gruhn

Davis has one of the best public school systems in the state, if not in the country. Still, children are “growing up too fast” all around us and are “burned out” by schoolwork, before they even reach high school.  Continue reading here.

Reading Readiness in a Waldorf School. Why is it Grade 2? On Discovering Waldorf with The Magic Onions

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Blessings and magic to you!


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